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# Sentence Times
1. A filibustering blowhard of a politician, Dod would use bureaucratic wrangling to further the Federation's aims and hinder the efforts of those who would expose their chicanery. 1
2. A group of senators plans to filibuster a measure that would permit drilling in Alaska. 1
3. A senator dragged the subject in as a filibuster. 1
4. And they say they don't believe Wellstone has the votes to sustain a filibuster to block the bill. 1
5. Conceivably, supporters of the law could filibuster to prevent it from being revised. 1
6. Daschle has said Democrats may filibuster the budget for the investigation if their objections are not addressed. 1
7. Daschle has vowed to stall the funding issue by filibuster if Republicans attempt to push through a plan Democrats oppose. 1
8. Democrats are now engaged in a full-scale legislative blockade, stopping all bills with objections and threatened filibusters. 1
9. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., who opposes the bill, conceded he did not have the votes to wage a filibuster. 1
10. For most of the 19th century the majority in the Senate had no way to move to "cloture"—ie, end a filibuster and force a vote. 1
11. Harry Reid, the majority leader in the Senate, needs 60 votes to break a filibuster. 1
12. He filibustered the proposed law to death in the last session of Congress. 1
13. He had filibustered for 23 hours without leaving the Senate floor. 1
14. In theory, Republicans could a filibuster,(This website/filibuster.html) but blocking a judge is not like blocking a law. 1
15. Opponents in the Senate have vowed to filibuster. 1
16. Opponents of the bill threatened to filibuster its final stages. 1
17. Organizing or carry out of a filibuster. 1
18. Republicans have the right to filibuster under centuries - old rules that this page has long defended. 1
19. Senator Seymour has threatened a filibuster to block the bill. 1
20. Southern Democrats filibustered to keep the segregationist Jim Crow laws alive. 1
21. The democrats organize a filibuster in the senate. 1
22. The filibuster was a major obstruction to the success of their plan. 1
23. The majority leadership's specialty became mounting filibusters or using other delaying tactics to prevent majority rule. 1
24. The majority leadership's specialty became mounting filibusters or using other delaying tactics to prevent majority rule.This website 1
25. The measure died in the Senate last summer after opponents mounted a successful filibuster. Among the opponents was Lott. 1
26. The Senate will debate the bill Monday and vote Tuesday on whether to override the filibuster. 1
27. They simply threatened to filibuster until the Senate adjourns. 1
28. This device, called “cloture,” can halt filibusters, but it was used rarely because as it was so difficult to gain the support of that many senators. 1
29. We could not prolong a filibuster indefinitely. 1

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