Fidelity Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. " Digital communication by definition has higher fidelity, " Mr. Neuman said. 1
2. "Be able to boast that if gallantry, generosity, and fidelity were lost in the world men would be able to find them again in your own breast" (clxv). 1
3. "They pulled the rug out from under me here," Mr. Tuttle said of fidelity. 1
4. A fader move will preserve the fidelity of the part while a compressor will add phase distortion to it. 1
5. A legitimist association, the Chevaliers of fidelity, stirred about among these the republican affiliations. 1
6. A new adaptive fidelity term for total variation denoising method is presented. 1
7. A small loudspeaker designed to reproduce high - pitched sounds in a high - fidelity audio system. 1
8. Already slight deviations are enough to drive the image into gray and to falsify color fidelity, in particular on the vertical plane. 1
9. Also, since this is the area of your chart that governs intimacy, sexual unions, fidelity, and loyalty, you could find that these areas have had a similar "fogginess" to them. 1
10. Analysis and study of every link of seismic data gathering has their importance on fidelity improvement. 1
11. And so she did with the fidelity of a little child. 1
12. Annulet or Finger Ring - fidelity. 1
13. As a statistical parameter, PSNR is commonly used in objective way about image fidelity; but sometimes it is not consistent with the subjective way. 0
14. At fidelity Investments, most Nasdaq stocks are acceptable but not if they are held in an individual retirement account. 1
15. At present, accounting information lacking fidelity is stillthe outstanding problem in accountancy. 1
16. At the same time this kind of material is also the best material for high fidelity magnetic head, high performance magnetic amplifier. 1
17. Be aware that your Scorpio will demand complete loyalty and fidelity. 1
18. Being fidelity and excellence is our permanent tenet. Cooperate sincerely, development mutually. 1
19. Brillouin enhanced four wave mixing, whose interference beat frequency drives an acoustic field, can improve the SBS phase conjugation fidelity. 1
20. But Sisyphus teaches the higher fidelity that negates the gods and raises rocks. 1
21. But they did dramatically increase the number of persons and groups of persons who recognized a bond with the crown through fidelity. 1
22. By virtue of its high profile, Magellan created a public relations nightmare for fidelity. 1
23. Call fidelity on for more details. Unit trust. 1
24. Closely connected with fidelity was liege homage, which the kings were equally determined to extend. 1
25. Contemporary interest in quail focuses more on their taste than on their promise of marital fidelity. 1
26. Contrast and color fidelity are also exceptional. 1
27. Cyclophosphamide important color production paths ( high fidelity ). 1
28. Data from Lipper reveal that they are seeking better returns in bank loan participation funds offered by mutual fund firms like Oppenheimer (OPY) and fidelity, which reset every 30 to 90 days. 1
29. Death is a terrible fidelity to maintain. 1
30. DLP technology provides all-digital projection display, offering superior picture quality in terms of resolution brightness contrast and color fidelity. 1

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