Festering Definition

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1. "North America's festering sore of what do with its homeless and disenfranchised is crystallized in a few short blocks, " The Sunday Times of Australia wrote. 1
2. A festering inflammation on his foot kept him from joining the Capuchin order. 1
3. A small festering sore or ulcer ; a pustule. 1
4. And bloody Tybalt, yet but green in earth, Lies festering in his shroud? 1
5. Anything more will lead to festering bad feelings and an overemphasis on money. 1
6. Battles like the one in Pipola are festering all over India. 1
7. But Puerto Rico is relying on Big Government to rein in crime and address festering social problems in the developments. 1
8. But the festering problem may have effects on the brain,(Sentence dictionary) just as it can elsewhere in the body. 1
9. By not acknowledging the problem, the church continues to suffer from a festering internal wound. 1
10. D . When the surgical treatment of serious physical festering, gangrenous reservations hopeless used. 1
11. Death sentences cannot cure the festering sore. 1
12. Disputes between environmentalists and loggers have been festering for decades. 1
13. For defective consumers, those contemporary have-nots, non-shopping is the jarring and festering stigma of a life un-fulfilled –and of own nonentity and good-for-nothingness. 1
14. Gao Yang was frightened by his rotten, misshapen teeth and weepy, festering eyes. 1
15. Gone too are sources of social difficulty, human reminders of festering disagreements and failed love affairs. 1
16. Her wounds are festering. 1
17. His hatred for Arcturus Mengsk has become a festering wound. 1
18. His wound became festering. 1
19. In the absence of such reasoning and understanding by Dr. Lord , his bitterness continued festering. 1
20. International debt relief is at last getting serious attention, but personal debt continues to be a festering problem. 1
21. It was clear to everyone that it would only aggravate the festering wound. 1
22. Levitz and Ikea did not intend their sofas to be left festering, moist and nasty on our city sidewalks. 1
23. Many of the children are afflicted by festering sores. 1
24. Much more difficult are the hidden maladies festering in our hearts. 1
25. Our eyes joined across the metres of festering carpet. 1
26. Putrid domestic waste drips into the already festering canals. 1
27. Such is selfishness which refuses to give free play to our desires, and prevents them from reaching their real goal, and that is why it is always accompanied by festering untruths and extravagances. 1
28. That is especially true in the festering feud on the Korean peninsula. 1
29. The flagrant use of cocaine is a festering scandal in middle - and upper - class life. 1
30. The insider-trading case also revisits a long festering controversy. 1

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