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# Sentence Times
1. "Feast vinegar" with bifidusfactor was made of apple juice(Sentencedict), which was fermented into fruit vinegar by Acetobacter spp. and added with isomaltooligosaccharide. 1
2. "If you do the fermentation by using only cellobiose or xylose, it takes 48 hours," said postdoctoral researcher and lead author Suk-Jin Ha. 1
3. "Milpa Alta" opuntia , "Kyoho"grape fruits and Cabernet sauvignon claret were used as raw material to develop opuntia-grape compound health fruit cordial through mixed fermentation and blending. 1
4. "There was this great little tavern where you could get these terrific fermented date palm cocktails with nutmeg and crushed lemongrass " "I meant afterwards." 1
5. A basic application software system in VB6.0 is developed to realize on-line process monitoring towards the penicillin fermentation process. 1
6. A blend of emotions fermented inside her. 1
7. A cordial made from the fermented juice and crushed pits of the marasca cherry. 1
8. A drink of fermented rice prepared by a certain lactic acid bacteria with very good sense and texture structure was prepared. 1
9. A fermented alcoholic beverage brewed from malt and flavored with hops. 1
10. A jacket of water surrounds the tank, to carry away the heat generated by fermentation. 1
11. A low - alcohol cactus lactic acid drink was developed by co - fermentation of microzyme and lactobacillus using malt, cactus, and milk as materials. 1
12. A new functional food, Buckwheat Tofu, was researched and produced using the coagulator of the fermented juice of Buckwheat meal. 1
13. A new method for direct extracting sodium phytate from corn-soaking, the by-product produced in the process of corn fermentation, was provided. 1
14. A new process for Chinese toon sprouts lactic acid fermentation by inoculating L. 1
15. A new type of liquid lichi yoghurt was studied with lichi pulp and milk powder by fermentation used lactic acid bacteria. 1
16. A new type of tofu coagulator(vegetable juice and buck wheat coagulator)was researched and produced respective with vegetable and buck wheat applying high effectively fermented technology. 1
17. A novel wort beverage was developed through acid bacteria fermentation and then mixture with pineapple juice. 1
18. A number of factors influencing ester formation have already been investigated including wort composition, aeration and fermentor design etc. and some accomplishments have been achieved. 1
19. A review surveys the application of surfactants in fermentation industry. Application of antifoamer, disinfection and antiseptic, bioseparation are introduced in detail. 1
20. A second major problem is the loss of bitterness due to precipitation in boiling and in fermentation. 1
21. A series of in vitro studies were performed to evaluate the effects of unsaturated C18 fatty acid-rich oils and linolenic acid on rumen fermentation and methanogenesis with a high-grain substrate. 1
22. A set of solid state fermentation and airing system of two liters cylinder glass fermentor was established. 1
23. A single factor experiment was conducted to investigate the effect of dietary fiber(ADF) on the growth performance, intestinal mucosal immunity and caecum fermentation traits of growing rabbits. 1
24. Abscesses can be hastened to burst by fermenting the swollen painful area with hot compresses. 1
25. According to analyze the broth , it was found that fermentation type was butyric acid - type. 1
26. According to the degree of fermentation, rolling , baking and tea leaf maturity. 1
27. Acetic acid is formed as an intermediate in the anaerobic fermentation of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. 1
28. Adding glycerol made for spiramycin biosynthesis during the fermentation process of Streptomyces spiramyceticus. 1
29. Addition of propanol during erythromycin fermentation with in shake flask improved the titer by 49. 1
30. Aerobic An organism, such as top fermenting ale yeast, that needs oxygen to metabolize. 1




ferments (third person present) · fermented (past tense) · fermented (past participle) · fermenting (present participle)

  - (of a substance) undergo fermentation.

  - incite or stir up (trouble or disorder).


ferments (plural noun)

  - agitation and excitement among a group of people, typically concerning major change and leading to trouble or violence.


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