Feign Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use feign, so you can learn how to use feign in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word feign here, and see the words sound like or similar to feign

# Sentence Times
1. 'A present for me?' she asked with feigned surprise. 1
2. 'Who cares?' said Alex, feigning indifference. 1
3. "Giles phoned this morning," Mirella said with feigned indifference. 1
4. All the way down we listened with feigned interest to our man's proud record of clock-beating on other hills. 1
5. An important feature of hysterical disorders is that the patient has no conscious awareness of feigning such symptoms. 1
6. Arbatov feigned embarrassment beautifully, speaking as though he were confiding a great family secret. 1
7. Are they feigning a lack of awareness? 1
8. Around 6 p. m., a woman knocked on the locked door, feigning car trouble and asking to use the phone. 1
9. At decision-making time these consequences are simply left unmentioned, allowing organizational leaders to feign surprise when qualitative costs finally assert themselves. 1
10. At decision-making time these consequences are simply left unmentioned,(This website/organizational.html) allowing organizational leaders to feign surprise when qualitative costs finally assert themselves. 1
11. At least the folks who roast all those chickens know it for what it is-a tortured posturing, a feigned desperation. 1
12. Bernstein returned to his desk, feigning unconcern. 1
13. Breathless Showbiz who always feigns being thrilled to see the heartthrob or hottest rock group of the moment. 1
14. Cidate must have strong previous project management experience on feign funded projects. 1
15. Damage reduction while feign death removed. 1
16. Especially, do not feign affection. Neither be cynical about love, for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment it is perennial as the grass. 1
17. Even Mr Lukashenko, like Mr Milosevic before him, feels compelled to feign democracy. 1
18. For the cynic will always say that the scientists of the past simply feigned their belief in order to escape persecution. 1
19. Game theory shows that are times when irrationality ( real or feigned ) is a highly effective strategy. 1
20. Hamlet feigned himself unable to recognize Polonius. 1
21. Hamlet feigned that he couldn't recognize Polonius. 1
22. He accepted the invitation with feigned enthusiasm. 1
23. He boasts of dodging military service by feigning illness. 1
24. He failed in stock speculation , and feigned madness to escape a debt. 1
25. He feigned a teasing laugh, a clear conscience. 1
26. He feigned an excuse for his absence. 1
27. He feigned death to escape capture. 1
28. He feigned disappointment. Secretly, he was mightily relieved. 1
29. He feigned illness or other incapacity in order to avoid duty. 1
30. He feigned indifference to criticism of his work. 1

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