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# Sentence Times
1. 'I really resent the way he treated me.' 'I know the feeling.' 1
2. 'I'm feeling rather tired,' he said, his eyes glazing. 1
3. 'I'm feeling really depressed.' 'The winter here has that effect sometimes.' 1
4. 'I'm going to miss you.' 'The feeling's mutual .' 0
5. 'It's a weird feeling, ' says Mouton, 'to sit there and beat the beast. 1
6. 'John called in sick.' 'That figures, he wasn't feeling well yesterday.' 1
7. 'You don't give a damn about my feelings, do you.'--'Quite frankly, I don't.'. 1
8. " Culbertson also creates a trippy, off-meter percussion vibe on "Little Drummer Boy" that creates a fascinating impressionistic feeling. 1
9. " Hanger-on time" test caused Bosikeli Xidi college librarian Christopher Hamel's a feeling. 1
10. " I had a job in Newark until last October, " returned the other, with reciprocal feeling. 1
11. " I know,'she said , absently, feeling slightly guilty of neglect. 1
12. " My fillies are feeling their oats this morning,' said Mrs. Tarleton. 1
13. " No,'said Carrie, whose feelings were already localised in the great Western city. 1
14. " Ohhh,'she repeated, feeling achy and tired. 1
15. " This so aggravated Hitler's pent - up feelings that he burst forth into one of his old harangues. 1
16. "A stronger Russia now regrets such conciliatory policies because they have left the country feeling encircled," writes Russia analyst Ivan Eland. 1
17. "An upperclassman gave me the tip, so that I could readapt to college life before feeling overwhelmed by all the essays and assignments, " he said. 1
18. "Are you feeling any better?" "No, " was the terse reply. 1
19. "Fear" is a word that covers a gamut of different feelings. 1
20. "I appreciate your concern for my feelings," Bess said huffily, "but I'm a big girl now". 1
21. "I wanted the reporters to go away feeling they'd done more than just report, and I think Sara Rimer did," Nall says. 1
22. "I went into this campaign with the feeling that if we did half the sales of the last record, that would be great, " said Dave Holmes, Coldplay's manager. 1
23. "I'm not sure if I actually want to marry her," Harry said, feeling acutely embarrassed. 1
24. "I've got a feeling election officials and politicos are going to hear you pretty loud," said Cornell Belcher, a Democratic pollster. 1
25. "I've just had enough!" she said feelingly. 1
26. "It must be very difficult," said Hunter, feeling a surge of embarrassment for Diane's predicament. 1
27. "It sounds great, " I ventured without hesitation, all the while feeling as if I'd signed on to cross dangerous borders using false papers. 1
28. "It was heart-to-heart, this feeling between us, " says Ms. Li, a compact woman with naturally wavy hair who tends to wear dark colors, amber-tinted eyeglasses and a string of pearls. 1
29. "It's very difficult not to be overly rooty, not to overdo an earthly feeling or get too powdery," she said. 1
30. "It's what I want," she said feelingly. 1




feelings (plural noun)

  - an emotional state or reaction.

  - a belief, especially a vague or irrational one.

  - the capacity to experience the sense of touch.


  - showing emotion or sensitivity.


  - be aware of (a person or object) through touching or being touched.

  - experience (an emotion or sensation).

  - have a belief or impression, especially without an identifiable reason.


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