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1. “Cities keep careful track of their finances, but a bond rating doesn’t tell us how people feel or why they want to raise a family here or relocate a business here,” Mr. Curtatone said. 1
2. “If you're going through something unpleasant—like a root canal—the smell of baby powder will help you feel as if time were going by faster by up to 57 percent,” reports Esquire. 1
3. “It feels like being swallowed by the Earth, ” says photographer Carsten Peter of the Black Hole of Calcutta in Claustral Canyon. 1
4. ("It'll feel like you're giving yourself a double chin," says Queiros.) feel the stretch in the back of your skull and then relax. 2
5. ' You will feel better by Thursday, ' says the doctor with his accustom literalness. 1
6. 'Are you going to come?' 'Perhaps. I'll see how I feel.' 1
7. 'Can I use the phone?' 'Please, feel free .' 1
8. 'Do you feel, yet, that you belong to this terrestrial scheme again, Mr. Darnay?'. 1
9. 'Duper's delight' is the delight that people feel when they deceive others. 1
10. 'He's bound to feel shaken after his accident.' 'Quite.' 1
11. 'I feel seasick already,' she moaned. 1
12. 'I feel very afraid,' she whispered. 1
13. 'I really don't feel too good,' I croaked, laying it on with a trowel. 1
14. 'I really resent the way he treated me.' 'I know the feeling.' 1
15. 'I'm feeling rather tired,' he said, his eyes glazing. 1
16. 'I'm feeling really depressed.' 'The winter here has that effect sometimes.' 1
17. 'I'm going to miss you.' 'The feeling's mutual .' 1
18. 'It's a weird feeling, ' says Mouton, 'to sit there and beat the beast. 1
19. 'John called in sick.' 'That figures, he wasn't feeling well yesterday.' 1
20. 'Let's just cuddle,' says Colin, and as we drift off to sleep it feels like the perfect end to the present that ended up being a gift not just for Colin, but for our marriage, too. 1
21. 'There was a free-for-all, grab-all-you-can feel to it, ' Ms. Taylor says. 'But it was also really stressful.' 1
22. 've no idea of who he is. But I feel happy every day for this. 1
23. 'You don't give a damn about my feelings, do you.'--'Quite frankly, I don't.'. 1
24. " And he's so devoted to Ashley and Beau that I always feel safe having him around. " 1
25. " Before midnight, " Michael said. " Don't wait up for me if you feel tired. " 1
26. " Culbertson also creates a trippy, off-meter percussion vibe on "Little Drummer Boy" that creates a fascinating impressionistic feeling. 1
27. " Did not think of this in the film and television, the sketch stage comedy stars feel just like a fish in water, even in "plain words" defeated, let it simmer with laughter. 1
28. " For those who think yoga is too touchy- feely , Mr. Solan added, "Yoga looks gentle, but when men do it they realize it's a lot more difficult than it looks. 1
29. " Hanger-on time" test caused Bosikeli Xidi college librarian Christopher Hamel's a feeling. 1
30. " I had a job in Newark until last October, " returned the other, with reciprocal feeling. 1

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