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1. " Marius' cold tone, that double reply of "I know it, " his laconicism, which was not favorable to dialogue, stirred up some smouldering wrath in the stranger. 1
2. "Given the macroeconomic environment, I think Japan is in a relatively favorable position," he said. 1
3. "Rate design to encourage off-peak charging, coupled with time-of-use rates, and smart grid/advanced metering initiatives, would facilitate favorable charging behavior," it said. 1
4. A correspondence with Ayn Rand that lasted several years began when Rand sent Lane a letter of thanks for her favorable review of The Fountainhead in that publication. 1
5. A country that is running a surplus, or favorable balance of trade, is, for the time being, importing goods and services of less value than those it is exporting. 1
6. A country that is running a surplus, or favorable balance of trade, is, for the time being(This website/importing.html), importing goods and services of less value than those it is exporting. 1
7. A favorable balance of payments exists when more payments are coming in than going out. 1
8. A favorable balance of payments in forex of a calendar year refers to greater forex earnings than expenditures within the same year, excluding the amount carried over from the previous year. 1
9. A higher carbon content in the steel was favorable to form short and thick primary dendrites as well as wider primary dendritic arm spacings (PDAS) and coarsening columnar structure. 1
10. A nation's balance of trade is favorable when its exports exceed its imports. 1
11. According to hydrodynamic conditions, Binzhou line and its north are the favorable oil-gas accumulation areas of Fuyang oil-bearing formation in Binbei region. 1
12. According to our analysis, there are six edifices in work area, of which most are inherited, and among them, the edifices of No1 and No2 are favorable area of vulcanite distribution. 1
13. According to the research and the parallel prediction of favorable petroleum belts, it is clear that the saline side tectonic belt of Trias in Tahe is the favorable oil gas tectonic belts. 2
14. Adding activator will be favorable to raise slag cement strength. 1
15. Adhering to the principles of innovation, detail, uniqueness, change-place-reflect, we offer our best service to enterprises and government, and get a favorable reception from our customers. 1
16. Adjusting air delivery by changing the blade angle in operation, adjustable-blade axial-flow fans have favorable adjusting performance and are widely used in large boilers. 1
17. Aerated soil was favorable for the increase of soil catalase activity. 1
18. After the Navy hospital ship USS Mercy revisited areas of Southeast Asia ravaged by the tsunami last year, polls showed the favorable opinion of the U.S. rose to 87 percent in Bangladesh. 1
19. After the release, Li Hui cashed over 3 million RMB from The Company within less than two weeks, and the case tuned to favorableness to Li Hui. 1
20. Aim to the serious subfilling of the crank arm, the construction of"constrained wing"was presented to form the favorable die filling instead of increasing the forging size. 1
21. Also it can be matched with all kinds of gas chromatography instruments in home and abroad, and meet with a favorable reception in this industry. 1
22. Although the anti-crisis measures of the Southeast Asian Countries have acquired favorable effect, there still are some shortages in the economic stimulus packages themselves. 1
23. Among the positive signs that investors are noticing is the prospect of favorable financial comparisons to 1995. 1
24. Anatomy favorableness and disbennifit infections of equipment price and enterprise benefit by selecting different depreciation methods. 1
25. And after that, the flowchart of the diagnosis algorithm is given. This diagnostic method, characterized by succinctness and clear consecution, has a favorable prospect of being put into application. 1
26. And Henry's law constant is going to tell you whether or not that enthalpy of interaction is favorable or not favorable. 2
27. And in return, legislators depend heavily on the mainstream media for their large-scale financial contributions and favorable press coverage. 1
28. And the favorable spread between stocks and bonds would shrink. 1
29. And the way to accumulate it was to maintain a favorable balance of trade. 1
30. And this favorable environment can pass the floor lamp with a downy illume to build. 1

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