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1. 'Mad cow disease' is a fatal degenerative disease of the nervous system. 1
2. "A strip club in every town, " pledges Adriely fatal, a Brazilian exotic dancer, on her campaign trail for a seat in parliament, the Guardian reported. 1
3. "One was a fatality due to toxic epidermal necrolysis, and the other was a severe hypersensitivity reaction, " said Mr. 1
4. "When China is going through an educational renaissance, when India is churning out science graduates, any complacency now would be fatal for our prosperity," he said at the Free School Norwich. 1
5. A 50 year - old English, died due to fatal hilarity. 1
6. A benign tumour will not cause you any fatal harm. 1
7. A bite from a bushmaster has an 80 % fatality rate, even with anti - venom. 1
8. A bite from a bushmaster has an 80 % fatality rate,(This website ) even with anti - venom. 1
9. A distraction may cause it to wander off into the road, with fatal consequences. 1
10. A fatal accident happened when a company blasted a rock. 1
11. A fatal accident happens there every couple of weeks, 100 - 200 people perish there every year. 1
12. A fatal crash just before 3 p. m. Sunday took the lives of two people and brought traffic on Interstate 75 to a halt for several hours a few miles north of Bowling Green. 1
13. A fatal disease of honeybee larvae caused by one of several types of bacteria, including alvei. 1
14. A fatal disease of honeybee larvae caused by one of several types of bacteria, including Bacillus alvei. 1
15. A fatal lot is unavoidable. 1
16. A few fatal cases of postinfectious encephalitis have been reported. 1
17. A further accident - stumbling over a coffer of government funds in his care - fatally scatters temptation before him. 1
18. A further adjustment is required for direct costs associated with a fatality that are not borne by the family of the victim. 1
19. A hammerhead shark is fatally caught in a gill net in Mexico's Gulf of California. 1
20. A hospital spokesman said she had suffered a fatal heart attack. 1
21. A less common but even more severe (often fatal) form of meningococcal disease is meningococcal septicaemia, which is characterized by a hemorrhagic rash and rapid circulatory collapse. 0
22. A level of three million algae to a litre of water is fatal to marine life. 1
23. A looser structure, a willingness to compromise the party's programme and dilute its composition, would have been fatal. 1
24. A LOW-FLYING duck was fatally injured in Darlington yesterday despite the rescue efforts of shopworkers. 1
25. A near fatal aneurism? 1
26. A new guidance system in the works could help transoceanic flights avoid dangerous thunderstorms, such as the ones thought to have played a part in the recent fatal crashes of two jetliners. 1
27. A passenger perchance ride on the wagon prevent a fatal accident. 1
28. A passive fatalism at the capriciousness and heavy-handedness of authority prevailed amongst the thirty-year men. 1
29. A rapid rollout of China's high-speed rail network was followed in July by a slowdown after a fatal train crash: technocracy did not prevent corruption and poor quality-control. 1
30. A rare but serious form of myopathy, called rhabdomyolysis, can damage the kidneys and lead to potentially fatal kidney failure. 1

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