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# Sentence Times
1. 'I'm going now,' she said, fastening her coat. 1
2. "Well," resumed Combeferre, "I am going to fasten my handkerchief to my cane, and go as a flag of truce, to offer to exchange our man for theirs." 1
3. A back opening fastens with buttons and a wide sash ties at the waist. 1
4. A bolt is a fastening. 1
5. A bolt is fastened through the bush to thereby fix the rocker shaft on a cylinder head. 1
6. A cloth or leather gaiter covering the shoe upper and the ankle and fastening under the shoe with a strap. Often used in the plural. 1
7. A convenient pant is characterized in that a run-through opening is arranged from a crotch to a front and back waist and the opening is provided with a slide fastener so as to close the opening. 1
8. A cord or braid worn as a fastening or an ornament. 1
9. A cord usually made of fiber, used for fastening, tying, or lacing. 1
10. A cotter pin is a typical example of a wire form. Wire forms are most commonly used as fastening mechanisms, or clips, in machinery. 1
11. A cyanotype Mi the Gua fasten H_2 is stop by body, have a strong nti—sour secrete a function. 1
12. A dozen suited men were fastening the edges of the insulator to the brace of the frame. 1
13. A fastener slides along and fastens the hooks together. 1
14. A folded piece of absorbent material, such as paper or cloth, that is placed between a baby's legs and fastened at the waist to contain excretions . 1
15. A good-sized screw eye is fastened in the cross piece of the frame, and to this tie the ball. 1
16. A leather thong or strap used to fasten a shoe or sandal on the foot. 1
17. A little ink bottle and two pens were fastened to its floor by gold brackets. 1
18. A man stooped down and fastened the chain around the tenter of a steel beam, stepped back and blew the whistle once more. 1
19. A new composite coating combined with organic lubricating coat for hot - dip galvanizing alloy fastener is studied. 1
20. A normal, loose-fitting skirt can be split up the side and fitting with a Velcro fastening. 1
21. A pounce, the cheetah's jaws fasten on the gazelle's throat, and it is quickly throttled to death. 1
22. A protesting crowd of sixty thousand assembled; hundreds were handcuffed or their arms fastened with ropes and led off to jail. 1
23. A rail-pad type sensor is arranged on a sensor bedplate and is provided with a B-shaped fastener. 1
24. A self - fastening method is introduced by which a cleat - shaped crystal fixed in the swallow - tailed groove. 1
25. A silver dish like a holy water font was fastened to the seat in front of me. 1
26. A slim, pointed piece of metal hammered into material as a fastener. 1
27. A strap fastens under the chin to keep the helmet in place. 1
28. A strong hand fastened round her wrist. 1
29. A strong shutter or plate fastened over a ship's porthole cabin window in stormy weather. 1
30. A suspender strap with fastener attached to a girdle belt to hold up a woman's stocking. 1

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