Fascist Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. A high - profile professor had to lock the door, by such a fascistic method, to resist truancy. 1
2. A high - profile professor had to lock the door, by such a fascistic method, to resist truancy. This website 1
3. After the armistice, Mussolini began his rise to power, assisted by electoral fraud and blackshirt violence, establishing a fascist dictorship by the mid-1920s. 1
4. Any Japanese leaders who suggest it's time to remove the hair shirt of national guilt are immediately branded warmongering fascists. 1
5. Anybody linked with the Republican cause would be in peril of their life under the Fascists. 0
6. Author believes that circumfuse the criticism for fascist, "western Marxism" has three models: institution criticism, mentality criticism and social relationship criticism. 1
7. Benito Mussolini , Dictator of Italy forced to resign and the fascist regime was abolished. 1
8. Benito Mussolini , Dictator of Italy was forced to resign and the fascist regime was abolished. 1
9. Benito Mussolini talked with blustering grandiosity of building fascist Italy into a second Roman Empire. 1
10. Bernard Mullan, one of the Fascists who had come down from the Chelsea headquarters, was under arrest.Sentencedict 0
11. Do you think that, if you were granted omnipotence and omniscience and millions of years in which to perfect your world, you could produce nothing better than the Ku Klux Klan or the fascists? 1
12. Does this man look like he's ceding czechoslovakia to a fascist dictatorship? 1
13. Ever more petit bourgeois, consumerist and fascistic, the tele-stupefied country has lost all awareness of culture and language. 1
14. Fascism was discredited by the total defeat of the fascist states in World War II. 1
15. February 11,1929: fascist Italy and the Vatican sign the Lateran Treaty. 1
16. Five were detained in hospital, including two fascists, and one doctor saw between fifty and seventy victims. 1
17. Flatters flatters fascist the American daddy is you kills and torches, robs in all directions backer! 1
18. From the fascist's brown shirt to the bishop's purple cassock, authorities have a fetishistic attraction to the tailor and milliner. 0
19. Furthermore, the notion that ethics and morals can be dismissed before the throne of evolution is fascistic. 1
20. Giovanni was alleged to be the front man for a fascist movement. 1
21. God save the queen the fascist regime they made you a moron a potential H-bomb ! 1
22. He ate up Nietzsche and degenerated into a fascist. 1
23. He believed him to be anti - fascist, and thought China could cooperate with such a man. 1
24. He has been called a fascist, a heretic and shenjingbing , a lunatic. 1
25. He is a closet fascist. 1
26. He reckons all policemen are fascists and bullies. 1
27. He watched the firemen and police - blind, ignorant slaves of fascist capitalism - with bitterness - and anger. 1
28. Hecklers repeatedly disrupted Duke's news conference, calling him a liar and a fascist. 1
29. His speeches seemed to incline to revolutionary policies, flirting , with Communists and Fascists. 0
30. How long do you assume they would last with the fascist pressures present in Europe today? 1

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