Familiarize Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use familiarize, so you can learn how to use familiarize in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word familiarize here, and see the words sound like or similar to familiarize

# Sentence Times
1. Advertisements familiarize a product. 1
2. After downloading the sources, familiarize yourself with any new changes to the software -- normally, these changes are itemized in the ChangeLog or README file in the main source directory. 1
3. Also, keeping band accounts is useful to familiarize you with the practicalities of money coming in and going out. 1
4. Any changes you initiate will have more validity after you familiarized yourself with the customary procedures. 1
5. Besides, the way our winter has been going, it seemed like the year to familiarize myself with snowshoes. 1
6. Born a Provencal, he easily familiarized himself with the dialect of the south. 1
7. Employees must familiarize themselves with the health and safety manual. 1
8. Have a special shelf at home for library materials and take time to familiarize yourself with them. 1
9. Have you familiarized yourself with the new S 2000? 1
10. He ran a hand over his face, trying to familiarize himself with the new shape. 1
11. He tried to familiarize himself with the use of the new fool. 1
12. I encourage you to familiarize yourself with the options for leave to which you may be entitled. 1
13. I familiarized myself with everyone's name before the meeting. 1
14. I wonder whether you will familiarize us with your technical know - how. 1
15. It is incumbent upon all users of this equipment to familiarize themselves with the safety procedure. 1
16. Jules, you can accompany Alice and familiarize yourself with London. 1
17. Movies have familiarized the customs of the old west. 1
18. My father has familiarized me with computers. 1
19. Newspapers have familiarized the cruelty of war. 1
20. Newspapers have familiarized the cruelty of war. This website 1
21. Once your have familiarized yourself with your patterns, you can take advantage of chronobiology techniques to improve your health and productivity. 1
22. Only reading can familiarize literature tous. 1
23. Radio has familiarized the word " broadcast ". 1
24. Read or scan the Smarty documentation to familiarize yourself with all its features. 1
25. She familiarized herself with the case history of her new patient. 1
26. She was scarcely able to familiarize herself with this strange reality. 1
27. Students are familiarized with a variety of methods. 1
28. Taylor familiarized himself with existing designs, borrowing features from several. 1
29. The aim of the course was to familiarize students with the uses of the Internet. 1
30. The goal of the experiment was to familiarize the people with the new laws. 1




familiarizes (third person present) · familiarized (past tense) · familiarized (past participle) · familiarizing (present participle) · familiarise (verb) · familiarises (third person present) · familiarised (past tense) · familiarised (past participle) · familiarising (present participle)

  - give (someone) knowledge or understanding of something.


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