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Below is a list of some of the sentences that use fake, so you can learn how to use fake in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word fake here, and see the words sound like or similar to fake

# Sentence Times
1. “In Africa, it’s often said that fake drugs are coming from India and China, ” Dr. Newton said from his office in Vientiane, the capital of Laos. 1
2. "Nod gives them from time to time, " Cilia said. "It usually has to do with some new alert about the Annihilator that requires stricter security measures. Now we know what a fake that is. 1
3. A car-driving, home-owning, polytechnic lecturer with a fake northern accent, was a bleating guilty liberal, not a socialist. 1
4. A car-driving, home-owning, polytechnic lecturer with a fake northern accent, was a bleating guilty liberal(This website/lecturer.html), not a socialist. 1
5. A company's promise of "Decuple Penalty for Fake" and a business contract between the company and the customer are two different legal acts in reality, but having close relationship. 0
6. A fake policeman robbed the jewelry store and got away. 1
7. A purported biography of him a fake. 1
8. A sharp-eyed shop assistant spotted the fake. 1
9. A short time later, when Leia needed to get to the planet Wayland, Ghent rigged a fake Imperial transponder code on the Wild Karrde that allowed it to carry her there. 1
10. A vest of fake fur like the one she had made for Jill when she was small? 1
11. Add a very strong fake vignette. 1
12. AESOP, novelist, nature faker. 1
13. After working for ten years as a doctor, he was exposed as a fake. 1
14. Ah Sing is the hero of the novel Tripmaster Monkey—His fake Book written by the famous Chinese-American woman writer Maxine Hong Kingston. 1
15. All fans accounts must be real and human. No bots, fake or spam accounts. 1
16. Allowing selection is somewhat possible. When the user selects any part of the real file upload, we select the entire value of the fake file upload. 1
17. Also should see on the other hand, fake still can exist for some time, its completely eradicative still remain at people income level rise further and of market economic system increasingly perfect. 1
18. Also, in the podcast, Mexico sets up a special unit to combat the recent rash of kidnappings, many involving teenagers and fakery at the opening of the Olympic Games. 1
19. Alternate between yourself and the fake-introduce another toy if you wish-before slowly removing the blindfold. 0
20. An entire show devoted to the reopening of a fake old western town / amusement park. 1
21. And fake sportswear ... how it's funding the drug dealers. 1
22. And in the 1600s, after conquistadors discovered that South American cinchona bark cured malaria, Europe was flooded with fake bark. 1
23. And there's no shortage of fake goods on display to tempt shoppers with tight budgets. 1
24. Another way to avoid fake oils is to shop with blotting paper. 1
25. Anyone tiring of American or fake European culture can reach the Louvre art museum by express railway in less than an hour — from Minnie Mouse to Mona Lisa in a flash. 1
26. Artificial aging Having produced the fake, there is then the problem of making it look old. 1
27. Ashamed of not sticking to their diets, they would miss appointments and fake their food diaries. 1
28. At present there are many immoral phenomena in financial accounting such as fake accounting, tax dodging and evasion. 1
29. Authenticated all the HK dollars which flow from Hong Kong are fake. 1
30. Barr began by hanging out in an online forum called Internet Relay Chat (IRC), using a fake identity. 1

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