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# Sentence Times
1. "Hair reflects internal changes--things like sickness, nutrition and stress," says dermatologist Paradi Mirmirani, M.D., a faculty member of the American Academy of Dermatology. 1
2. A campus fiber optic backbone supports connections to the network from faculty offices, classrooms, the Library and residence hall rooms. 1
3. A drop in enrollment will affect students, faculty, and administrators. 1
4. A few days later, I repeat these words during a faculty colloquium at Brown. 1
5. A plaque revealed Marx had taught in the philosophy faculty there in 1841. 1
6. About 200 academic members of staff work within the faculty and are actively involved in teaching and research. 1
7. Admission Details of the BMus admission procedure and of University and faculty entry requirements may be found in the Admissions section. 1
8. After Oxford, he was appointed to the faculty at the University of Glasgow. 1
9. After the elaborative faculty must depend on the spoken language communication, must come other people's opinion only then to be possible inquire deeply some matter! 1
10. After the visits, guests and faculty members will join together for a buffet supper. 1
11. All through the faculty meeting Frank stood up for his friend who was being criticized so severely. 1
12. Although organised on a departmental basis, postgraduate study within the faculty is not confined to disciplinary boundaries. 1
13. An Aprista-sympathizing faculty member of the University Council challenged the Rector to a duel after allegedly suffering a personal affront. 1
14. An unerring faculty for detecting hypocrisy is one of her most useful attributes. 1
15. An update from VT Alerts says to avoid the Graduate Life Center area, but otherwise students and faculty can resume normal activity. 1
16. And in 1935 Fernand Braudel joined the new venture for a three-year stint in its faculty of Arts. 1
17. And the postwar generation of faculty generally had a strong leftward tilt. 1
18. And this month, a second panel at Penn State University exonerated Michael Mann, a prominent climatologist and faculty member, of scientific wrongdoing. 1
19. Angela Maye - Banbury , Senior Lecturer, faculty of Development and Society , Sheffield Hallam University. 1
20. Applicants must apply to an entry program within the faculty of Mathematics , at the University of Waterloo, and be offered admission as an undergraduate student. 1
21. As a result, our students spend almost twice the time in one-on-one discussion with faculty as students at other prestigious liberal arts schools. 1
22. As a senior member of the Karolinska faculty, it fell to him to introduce the two speakers. 1
23. As part of the course I was in touch with my friends and faculty at the PSGFAIMER Institute through a listserv and we started discussing how to go about our respective projects. 1
24. At 26 he joined Harvard's faculty, where he is now a professor of genetics and a Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator. 1
25. At first this procedure evoked a strong reaction from faculty heads who perceived the dangers of over-personalised accounts. 1
26. At George Mason he has helped to build a creative and widely admired economics faculty. 1
27. BCU Birmingham faculty of Law, Humanities, Development and Society. 1
28. Besides, one young professor observed indignantly at a faculty meeting, the whole idea was degrading. 1
29. Black faculty members also accused the university of institutional racism and creating a hostile work environment. 1
30. Both faculty and students oppose the measures. 1

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