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# Sentence Times
1. "Irrational exuberance has become pervasive gloom, " John Mitchell said at the end of his presentation. 1
2. An unquenchable exuberance lived in him. 1
3. And while some of the initial exuberance has subsided, the stock currently is double its initial offering price. 1
4. But in company with their saw is gotten exuberance, them too just gradualness adieux bloom written whereas grew into genuine female author. 1
5. But the radiance and exuberance have never abandoned her. 1
6. But we should guard against substituting irrational pessimism for irrational exuberance. 1
7. Cheerful Skewering. By contrast, their early music had exuberance and an occasional oasis of unexpected harmony, but otherwise blended monotonously into the parched badlands of rock. 1
8. Confined to the fine arts, this clinging to the safe and known was just a brake upon innovation and exuberance. 1
9. Curative effect analysis of irbe - sartan and amlodipine on liver Yang exuberance syn - drome hypertension. 1
10. Endowed with unique national features, Chinese painting theory is unparalleled in the world for its unique qualities of systematicity, exuberance, wholeness, practicality, and academicism. 1
11. For Abbott, it was not the oneness found in shared religious exuberance that one should hope for. 1
12. Forget the charm and exuberance of Umbria. 1
13. He has a cherubic face and big brown eyes, and despite working slavishly long hours, radiates a sense of exuberance uncommon in China's newsrooms. 1
14. He has to learn to curb his natural exuberance. 1
15. Her burst of exuberance and her brightness overwhelmed me. 1
16. His verses, winged with a powerful beat, achieved Parnassian sparkle and exuberance. 1
17. However, David Atkins, the Australian impresario who produced the show, said the organisers of the event were unable to contain their exuberance. 1
18. I liked his liking, the exuberance of banjos duelling through the hollow bedroom walls when he was home. 1
19. If you find great exuberance, health, effective work, abundance, smiles on the faces of those who you meet, then take it for granted that your beliefs are beneficial. 1
20. In the exuberance of his mirth , the unfortunate disciple had swallowed two biscuits at once. 1
21. It was also found that the interaction of the exuberance of internal heat toxin and fu-organ turbidness stagnation enlarged the risk of the onset of dementia after basal ganglia infarction. 1
22. Jaw - boning irrational exuberance has not worked well against asset or product price inflation. 1
23. Jon's exuberance was irrepressible. 1
24. Life breeds both plenitude and void, exuberance and depression. 1
25. Long after South Africans saw their own team eliminated from the tournament, they kept up their vuvuzela-blowing, flag-waving, patriotic exuberance across the racial divide. 1
26. Moral exuberance had inspired both overinvolvement and isolationism. 1
27. Nothing will curb her natural exuberance. 1
28. Now the exuberance of the varied songsters is almost deafening. 1
29. Recovering slowly, with agony, from each of these recurrent blows, his unquenchable exuberance had lived. 1
30. Religions classically struggle with this same divided consciousness about order and chaos, balance and exuberance, propriety and spontaneity. 1





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