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# Sentence Times
1. All the writings that extolled the role of Mary were ultimately excluded from the canon. 1
2. But now is not the time to be extolling the virtues of Anglo-Saxon shareholder capitalism. 1
3. Dogmatical denying it or blindly extolling it can " t alleviate this contradiction. " 1
4. Everywhere, the glory of the ancient era is extolled in stone. 1
5. For the next few weeks she ploughed on, doing her normal writing, extolling the virtues of the firm's products. 1
6. From the street, the yodel of a sulphur blender could be heard, extolling the virtues of his ointments. 1
7. He never stops extolling the virtues of the free market. 1
8. He was deified by the senate, while all men vied with one another to give him honour, and all extolled his devoutness , his mercy, his intelligence, and his righteousness. 1
9. He was extolled as the founder of their Florentine school. 1
10. He was extolling the virtues of the Internet. 1
11. Hearing her praises lavishly extolled, she gave a sad, wry smile and returned to Terry's room to clear up. 1
12. His book extolling the benefits of vegetarianism sold thousands of copies. 1
13. I've seen and heard a few hyper-Calvinist presentations that extolled the sovereignty of God without ever mentioning Jesus Christ. 1
14. If we generate a seven, we'll extoll that number's virtues. 1
15. In " To mutate, or not to mutate" (and others), I extolled the virtues of immutability -- immutable objects cannot get into an inconsistent state. 1
16. In the case of Neo- classicism in France, a prime example is Jacques Louis David whose paintings often use Greek elements to extoll the French Revolution's virtues (state before family). 1
17. Now experts are extolling the virtues of the humble potato. 1
18. Pope Pius XII, in a 1954 address, extolled virginity as "something beautiful and holy." 1
19. President Obama will meet with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in New Delhi, then hold a press conference in which both men will predictably extoll the strength of U.S.-Indian ties. 1
20. Program evaluation is commonly thought of as a dry, fruitless endeavor, extolled in theory but ignored in practice. 1
21. She is forever extolling the virtues of her children. 1
22. She was extolled as a genius. 1
23. Since the war, each time the Conservative Party has come into power it has extolled the virtues of the market. 1
24. So here I am extolling the worth of twenty minutes' silent meditation as a means of renewing and refreshing your channels. 1
25. Some people extoll GM foods'tremendous potential for good. 1
26. Songs of extolling the motherland are ringing far and near. 1
27. Tessenow decried the metropolis and extolled the peasant virtues. 1
28. That was followed by a series of appearances on talk shows by doctors who extolled Retin-A as a wrinkle treatment. 1
29. The appraiser went on for some time, extolling the virtues of the scholarship. 1
30. The artificial and unnatural were extolled. 1



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