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# Sentence Times
1. - There is also potential for exploiting untouched arable land resources. 1
2. "Despite these attempts to make the software secure, " they wrote, "we found a new remotely exploitable vulnerability in the patched program. 1
3. "He exploits the space-time continuum," says Larry Silverberg, a professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at North Carolina State University. 1
4. "I felt in my gut he was not going to make an exploitive type of movie, " he wrote. 1
5. "India is nothing but a semi-colonial and semi-feudal state under neo-colonial form of indirect rule, exploitation and control, " is one idea contained in a strategy manual obtained by AFP. 1
6. A brave retreat is a brave exploit.  1
7. A defense against rhinoviruses might nonetheless succeed by exploiting hidden similarities among the rhinovirus strains. 1
8. A hectic, but enjoyable annum ahead brings masses of new openings and opportunities to explore and exploit. 1
9. A jet engine exploits famous physics principles. 1
10. A mobile agent-based heuristic depth-first coloration spanning tree algorithm is proposed. The algorithm is exploited to divide a gigantic network into several small-scale sub-networks. 1
11. A new ideal way in a traditional study is to exploit and utilize morphon of natural resource, and cysteamine is a good choice. 1
12. A nice fruity daiquiri that exploits the rich treacly taste of a good dark rum. 1
13. A number of approaches, involving the exploitation of alternative models, will be investigated. 1
14. A peculiar habit, or a novel structure, opens a world of opportunity that can be exploited in a myriad ways. 1
15. A preamble is formed by an arbitrary Permuted sequence of F frequencies, so it is possessed of multiaccess capability and low propability of exploitation. 1
16. A precise dataflow analysis should effectively exploit the semantic information presented by conditional branch statements. 1
17. A promo video stressing the artist's style is a shrewd marketing ploy which exploits the music industry's visual obsession. 1
18. A quantum computer could perform certain computations much more efficient than its classical counterpart by exploiting the superposition principle and the interferences of quantum mechanics. 1
19. A rational society should draw a line Between legitimate profit - making and exploitative profiteering. 1
20. A rich vein of disagreement indeed, offered for eager exploitation by opponents! 1
21. A simple and efficient way to prepare PIPA polyol was exploited according to the much attempt. 1
22. A source of silver much exploited in early times was lead sulphide, most notably galena, containing varying proportions of silver. 1
23. A strong mutually supportive and non - exploitative community. 1
24. A usually praiseworthy act; a feat or exploit. 1
25. A vivid portrait of a successful charlatan exploiting the second-century Christians is given by Lucian in his Peregrinus. 1
26. A. This paper addresses this question of how to build a practical large-scale system which can exploit the additional information present in hypertext. 1
27. Above all, they did nothing whatsoever to tackle the primary source of peasant rebelliousness: their semi-feudal exploitation. 1
28. Acclaimed activist Gloria Steinem leads a panel discussing the fight against human trafficking, sexual exploitation, and violence against women and girls. This website 1
29. According to Marxist thought being of the property-owning class and exploitive of the working class . 1
30. According to the economic evaluation, it has better economic benefit to exploit Qinshui coal-bed gas field with directional pinnate horizontal wells. 1

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