Expatriate Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. A large community of expatriates has settled there. 1
2. Although it is logical to retain expatriates by guaranteeing a net of tax salary, it is important to avoid doing this indefinitely. 1
3. Although it is usual for expatriates to rent housing abroad, some company compensation packages allow for property to be purchased. 1
4. An audience of expatriates(2 Afghan watched the show in hotel garden, under a clear midsummer night's sky, to the strains(4) of traditional Afghan music. 1
5. And expatriate savers and investors do need the help of a professional adviser. 1
6. Another factor not taken into account before the election was the number of expatriate Tory voters registered in marginal constituencies. 1
7. Application of work visa, work permit and house lease for expatriate staff. 1
8. Around 30,000 people , the largest Australian expatriate community in Asia, are living in Hong Kong. 1
9. Bastille Day celebrations erupt in every French city, town, and hamlet 9, and among French expatriates 10 as well. 1
10. Both the local and expatriate elite mingle on the outdoor patio lounge of the popular Chinar restaurant in Baku. 1
11. Briefing sessions should provide advice on the precautions that expatriates may take to reduce health risks. 1
12. C. L. H. also expertize in offering consultation for Tianjin expatriates to solve the living problems. 1
13. Chapter 4 expatriates the origin, development and evolution of networks of enterprises from the viewpoint of sociobiology. The last one gives a summary of the full paper. 1
14. Chinese expatriates in Africa come from a rough-and-tumble, anything-goes business culture that cares little about rules and regulations. 1
15. Clearly, though, future Budgets may well include measures specifically aimed at expatriates. 1
16. Compensation packages for expatriates coming to Britain usually cover schooling costs, private medical care and housing costs. 1
17. Complete monthly payment settlement routine administrative as well as expatriates'expenses. 1
18. Create a community for expatriate Macintosh users; participate actively in activities with foreign Macintosh user group. 1
19. David Prosser is deputy editor of Money Observer Expatriates, just like everyone else, need to save for old age. 0
20. David Prosser reports Gordon Brown's Budget last month gave expatriate savers and investors several opportunities to exploit. 1
21. Even so, many expatriates are put off the offshore industry by its reputation for shady practices. 1
22. Finally, the increase in projects has produced a constant stream of highly-paid expatriate consultants. 1
23. Firms are finding that they cannot replace expensive expatriate staff with cheaper local hires ("localise" in the jargon) as quickly as they hoped. 1
24. For expatriates living in these offshore centres this is more than simply an international row. 1
25. For expatriates with offshore accounts, this represents a decent tax-free return on an investment that carries no risk to capital. 1
26. Foreign policy may also affect the expatriate's business or social activities. 0
27. Handles Human Resources administration of expatriate staff. 1
28. He expatriated from his homeland. 1
29. He expatriated himself and lives in America. 1
30. He is content to remain an expatriate the rest of his life. 1

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