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# Sentence Times
1. "We are facing an unsustainable situation, " says Diwan Singh, a Delhi environmental activist. "Soon—not in thirty years but in five to ten—there will be an exodus because of the lack of water." 1
2. A mass exodus of Liverpudlians converged on the Italian capital to cheer on the Reds. 1
3. A mass exodus was under way, the likes of which the world had never seen. 1
4. A massive exodus of doctors is forcing the government to recruit from abroad. 1
5. According to the Book of exodus, he was born in Egypt to Hebrew parents, who set him afloat on the Nile in a reed basket to save him from an edict calling for the death of all newborn Hebrew males. 1
6. After another short chat they joined the exodus of dockers leaving the ship. 1
7. All in all, quite an exodus from the Land of the Long White Cloud. 1
8. An exodus from California is by no means inevitable. 1
9. An exodus of Asians would badly hurt Kenya's economy. 1
10. An exodus of cars from the city every evening. 1
11. And even more telling, the slow, sad exodus of young traders who find they no longer have a job. 1
12. And thus begins the book of exodus, which will lead us from Egypt to Sinai. 1
13. And when Octavia sneaks out to see her husband one last time before the exodus, Atia has him killed. 1
14. As a historical event the exodus was definitive. 1
15. As factory closures gather pace, fears are growing of a mass exodus back to rural areas that could struggle to reabsorb the workers. 1
16. As the day wore on a mass exodus began. 1
17. Built for direct fire support and sub hunting , the exodus carries an Oblivion Cannon, as well as a variety of anti - sub and anti - torpedo weapons. 1
18. Conversely, the economies of the New World benefited immeasurably by the exodus from the old. 1
19. Declining productivity levels and environmental degradation have caused a widespread exodus of people to centres of economic activity. 1
20. Dissatisfaction, exacerbated by the non-payment of the usual bonuses, led to a mass exodus and mutiny. 1
21. Dissatisfaction, exacerbated by the non-payment of the usual bonuses,(This website/non-payment.html) led to a mass exodus and mutiny. 1
22. During the mass exodus of Yavin to Hoth, Admiral Griff miscalculated his task force's hyperspace jump, bringing the three Destroyers out on top of the Executor. 1
23. Each wild rumour adds new impetus to the exodus. 1
24. Earlier in the day, a planeload of U.N. weapons inspectors left Baghdad aboard a flight to Cyprus, joining the exodus of diplomats, aid workers and other foreigners. 1
25. Every June there is an exodus of students from the college. 1
26. Every summer there is an exodus from the city. 1
27. Eye for an eye was drawn from exodus. 1
28. Finally in late 1971, Gaskin organized a mass exodus via bus caravan that made its way to a 1700 acre farm in Tennessee. 1
29. Foment a mass exodus of key executives who actually know how to run the giant computer company. 1
30. He must also restore morale among employees and prevent a fresh exodus of wealthy investors from the private bank. 1

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