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# Sentence Times
1. "Disappeared" persons are often at high risk of torture or extrajudicial execution. 1
2. "Leontius "Leontius," he writes, "was proceeding from the Piraeus outside the north wall when he perceived corpses lying near the public executioner. 1
3. "Stoning as a means of execution is tantamount to torture. It's barbaric and an abhorrent act," he said. 1
4. "the increasing hatred, which retarded the execution of his great designs" (Edward Gibbon). 1
5. "Trusted code" runs in the control region, user application code runs in the servant region, which completely isolates application execution and transaction management. 1
6. A bad business this , madame, of Gaspard's execution. 1
7. A bell was tolled when executions took place. 1
8. A bit representation that fits in a byte. The representation of each member of the basic character set in both the source and execution environments shall fit in a byte. 1
9. A brave attempt, but spoiled by poor execution. 1
10. A building block is a kind of miniature autonomous unit that is capable of performing the functions of planning, plan execution, and execution monitoring. 2
11. A cell block reserved for convicts awaiting execution. 1
12. A Chechen Mujahedeen Terrorist video taped the gruesome execution of 6 Russian soldiers. 1
13. A constructible definition of the directed acyclic graph was described, and the reason why exists a solution that does not exceed the total execution time of all tasks was explained. 1
14. A dark comedy about a young man who becomes the executioner at a local prison where his brother is on death row, in order to pay for his mother's health care. 1
15. A design method based on multiplexing execution-cycle and interrupt flag signals using register model is proposed. S. 0
16. A device usually consisting of two upright posts supporting a crossbeam from which a noose is suspended and used for execution by hanging; a gallows tree. 1
17. A follow-on article in 2009 talked about the improvements in the V6.2 release of IBM's BPM stack products, which make process modeling for execution easier. 1
18. A legendary figure who, out of devotion, pledged his life as a guarantee that his condemned friend Pythias would return to face execution. Both were subsequently pardoned. 1
19. A method to evaluate performance cost of applications was Presented based on execution delay of benchmarking - sequence . 1
20. A multitasking operating system is one that can simultaneously interleave execution of more than one process. 1
21. A process in the wait state. A process waits on a ring buffer or semaphore, unable to change state and resume execution until the ring buffer or. 1
22. A professor at Leyden had already pronounced Calvin's God "a tyrant and an executioner". 1
23. A progress dialog box will appear that gives execution status. See Tool execution and messages. 2
24. A race condition occurs when two or more threads manipulate a shared data item and the result depends upon timing of the execution. 1
25. A robust, scalable and secure execution engine for rule-based applications, with a managed deployment and monitoring environment (Rule execution Server). 2
26. A Runtime Error is an error that occurs during the execution of a program. 1
27. A significant proportion of neurons in supplementary motor area, and hippocampus and environs, responded to both observation and execution of these actions. 1
28. A single unit of execution within a process; threads run concurrently. 1
29. A superb rum punch had all the characteristics of merciful execution. 1
30. A telephone inside the execution chamber rings and the red light on faceplate blinks furiously. 1

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