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# Sentence Times
1. .. To evaluate the value of Doppler tissue imaging ( DTI in detecting chronic hibernating myocardium ( CHM ). 1
2. "But it's not always done elsewhere," says Ivan Wong, of URS Corp. of San Francisco, a seismologist who evaluates seismological hazards for the federal government and private firms. 1
3. A 10 percent random sample of derived polygons was evaluated to determine the measure of agreement between the initial and derived descriptions. 1
4. A basic interpreter has been implemented and is now used to evaluate cold paths, determined at compilation time using simple heuristics. 1
5. A boolean expression also determines which subexpression is evaluated in the conditional? 1
6. A boolean expression evaluates to the numerical value of 1.0 if true, and 0.0 if false. 1
7. A calculation on the rotational speed, efficiency, power flow and torque of the differential gear variable-speed transmission for vehicles were introduced, and a number of formula was evaluated. 1
8. A child with any or all of the symptoms of an ulcer should be evaluated by a physician. 1
9. A complete work-up is necessary to evaluate the cause of the dysphagia in these patients, and either pneumatic dilatation or a second operation can often correct the problem. 1
10. A computer simulation model designed to evaluate the potential performance of a 4-wheel-drive articulated skidder under a variety of assumptions ard constraints has been developed. 1
11. A continuing programme to investigate, evaluate, and disseminate best practice information on teaching large classes has also been developed. 1
12. A decision maker - not risk averse , but able to take a sensibly evaluated trading stance. 1
13. A definite integral is an indefinite integral evaluated over an interval. 1
14. A few companies may even go to the length of hiring mystery shoppers, professional who visit or call business posing as routine customers and evaluate services rendered. 1
15. A function of marketing research is to provide information that will help opportunities to be identified, evaluated, compared and selected. 1
16. A fuzzy classification system was presented by combining the multidimensional time series fuzzy clustering with rule extraction to evaluate the credit. 1
17. A fuzzy recognition approach thereby is applied to evaluate the groundwater vulnerability under fuzzy environment. 1
18. A geneticist will evaluate the person with Marfan syndrome and other family members. 1
19. A manufacturing enterprise can use this model to evaluate its annual performance by comparing the actual costs with the standard costs at the end of the fiscal year. 1
20. A maximum a posteriori estimation approach is used to evaluate the optimal values for the estimates of the parameters. 1
21. A method to evaluate performance cost of applications was Presented based on execution delay of benchmarking - sequence . 1
22. A method to evaluate spatial straightness errors adopting particle swarm optimization ( PSO ) is proposed. 1
23. A method was established to evaluate the quality system of gel yoghurt by using subjective index and objective indices: gel strength, susceptibility to syneresis and water holding capacity. 1
24. A multi-country computable general equilibrium model is employed to evaluate the production, export, and employment variation which took an effect together with the poultry sector. 1
25. A new family of metallocene-based polyolefine (MPO) is evaluated. Many properties of MPO, including clarity, flexibility, low temperature ductility and thermoplastic elastomer behavior are emphasized. 1
26. A new method has been suggested using the theory of plasticity to evaluate the residual strength of a ship damaged by such typical attacking weapons as laser bombs, missiles and torpedos. 1
27. A number of distinguished commentators, most of them ecclesiastics, were assembled to evaluate the programmes and their implications. 1
28. A number of noninvasive tests have been used to evaluate myocardial involvement in Lyme disease. 1
29. A pilot must continually evaluate course and glide path displacement information throughout the approach. 1
30. A probabilistic analysis methodology to evaluate stormwater runoff capture efficiency in low elevation greenbelt is proposed, which is meaningful on the planning level. 1




evaluates (third person present) · evaluated (past tense) · evaluated (past participle) · evaluating (present participle)

  - form an idea of the amount, number, or value of; assess.


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