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# Sentence Times
1. 12,000 crossed the border in one day alone, throwing evacuation plans into disarray. 1
2. A few days later the emergency evacuation of civilians from Suez to within the camp's barbed wire perimeter fence began. 1
3. A location-aware mobile system to support occupants' evacuation needs to rely on an appropriate positioning technology and to present navigation instructions in an easy-to-understand way. 1
4. A mandatory evacuation order has been lifted and residents in Big Sur . California are back checking their homes even though the area's wildfire is still not contained. 1
5. A new brush fire has broken out in the hills above Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley suburbs, prompting mandatory evacuations. 1
6. A new brush fire has broken out in the hills above Los Angles' San Fernando Valley suburbs, prompting mandatory evacuations . 1
7. A non - invasive measuring system is developed for the assessment of gastric evacuation. 1
8. A plant explosion caused the evacuation of some 17,000 people near Raleigh, North Carolina Friday. 1
9. A proper working smoke alarm and an evacuation plan equals a safer escape. 1
10. A red tarpaulin could indicate the presence of seriously injured victims who needed immediate evacuation. 1
11. A third person was burned on Saturday in an evacuation area along highway two near Mount Wilson, officials said. 1
12. A yellow tarpaulin could indicate that casualties needed evacuation but that the situation was not critical. 1
13. About a dozen senior town officials at the Tomioka community center stayed behind, in spite of the government's evacuation order and instead donning protection jump suits with air-intake hoods. 1
14. According to a New Orleans Times-Picayune story written that day, the mayor said he was having his staff research whether he could issue a mandatory evacuation, which he said was unprecedented. 1
15. After days of begging for help, many citizens stranded in evacuation shelters near the Fukushima plant were bused to Tokyo for refuge. 1
16. An American military plane unloaded a team of Air Force soldiers from Florida, while a Coast Guard plane loaded a group of U.S. teens on an evacuation flight. 1
17. An evacuation of the city's four-million inhabitants is planned for later this week. 1
18. An increase in foreshock activity triggered the evacuation warning. 1
19. An unattended bag or parcel was cause for immediate evacuation. 1
20. And about 100 miles downriver, evacuations are underway in Grafton. 1
21. And when the roster was called on evacuation, he was missing. 1
22. And when you have an evacuation order from a local elected official or a local law enforcement official, you need to understand what's important to you. 1
23. And when you have an evacuation order from a local elected official or a local law enforcement official,(This website/elected official.html) you need to understand what's important to you. 1
24. April was the last day of the first phase of the evacuation. 1
25. As evidence of good faith, the machinery of evacuation was immediately set in motion. 1
26. As the Ecologist's blogger Dan Box witnessed, the first five families have moved to Bougainville to prepare the ground for full evacuation. 1
27. As the level of the water rose, villages were put on evacuation standby. 1
28. At school they made us try on gas-masks for size, and there was talk of evacuation. 1
29. Authorities did not order an evacuation in the neighborhood, but several residents left voluntarily. 1
30. Balking at the top of a three-story evacuation slide can lead to a push, sending you cart-wheeling down and resulting in broken ankles. 1

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