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1. "An orbiting sensor like Hyperion could be used to identify chemicals in Europa's non-ice deposits that may be a sign of extraterrestrial microbial life, " NASA states. 0
2. A compelling demonstration of its existence or absence may be reached from gravity and altimetry data in the proposed europa orbiter. 1
3. A sweet dream was once sent to europa by Cypris. 1
4. And one of the secondary planet of the jupiter, europa, is also the heavenly body which may have lives in solar system. 1
5. Any of several spiny shrubs of the genus Ulex, especially U. europaeus, native to Europe and having fragrant yellow flowers and black pods. 1
6. Asked by reporters whether Mascherano was in his plans for the europa League play-off, Roy Hodgson said: "Javier will always be in my plans until the day comes when he leaves the club." 1
7. BIRT 2.2, which is part of the europa release, offers many new features to assist in report development, ease of framework integration, and exporting of content. 1
8. But the orbiter results will likely settle the fascinating question of whether europa has an ocean. 1
9. But whereas the wretched Io had to pay dearly for the distinction, europa was exceedingly fortunate. 1
10. But Wright-Phillips, criticised by Mancini for his ineffective display in the 0-0 europa League draw against Aris Salonika, knows deep down that he is likely to be on his way once the season is over. 1
11. C ? ? mo viste al f ú tbol en europa? 1
12. Clotho took this skirt to Zeus and suggested europa to him. 1
13. Deutsch ist f ü r europa sehr wichtig. 1
14. Deutschland hat ein weiteres Bestreben, die EU zu den Ver einigten Staalen von europa fortzuentwickeln. 1
15. Est á en el sur de europa. 1
16. Except for the image of europa and corolla , everything else is rough sketch in the below. 1
17. Fernando Torres will not travel to Bucharest for Thursday's europa League clash with Steaua - while at the back Danny Wilson will deputise for the injured Jamie Carragher. 1
18. FOTON EUROPARD tractor and FOTON FIVE-STAR three-wheeler vehicle has also acquired the champion position in their fields respectively. 0
19. From a distance, europa had seemed like a giant snowball, reflecting the light of the far-off Sun with remarkable efficiency. 1
20. Goalkeeper Cavalieri will hold talks with Italian side Cesena after our europa League play-off first leg with Trabzonspor. 1
21. Guests at the europa have free use of the pool and gardens at Hotel Astoria. 1
22. He checked in at the europa Hotel. 1
23. He is also likely to miss out when Liverpool get their europa League campaign underway with a two-legged fixture against Unirea Urziceni on February 18 and 25. 1
24. He is developing a self-guided robotic submarine, called ENDURANCE, to look for alien life on europa, an icy moon of Jupiter. 1
25. I prodotti esportati verso il Nord America, europa, Asia e altri paesi e region i. 1
26. If the findings pan out, europa would be the first body outside of Earth where liquid water is abundant. 1
27. If the spacecraft, after running out of maneuvering fuel, should crash into europa, it might contaminate that moon with stowaway microbes from Earth and confound future searchers for indigenous life. 1
28. Il principale mercato in Nord America , europa, cos ì come le vendite al Medio Oriente e Oceania. 1
29. In 1987 and 1988 we studied the distribution law of solar energy on different-structured olive (Olea europaea) trees resulting from different pruning techniques. 1
30. In fact, the europa is so forgiving that novices like roe can get straight in and drive last. 1





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