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# Sentence Times
1. "An upperclassman gave me the tip, so that I could readapt to college life before feeling overwhelmed by all the essays and assignments, " he said. 1
2. "To re-explain the explanation" can describe more actually the whole course of the essay's realizing implication, and can work as one of the essay' s implication' s realizing ways. 0
3. A brochure written by Sarah Helen Whitman, poet, essayist, Transcendentalist, spiritualist and romantic interest of Edgar Allen Poe. 1
4. A catalogue of colour illustrations of works on display together with essays by the selectors is being published. 1
5. A few years later Albert Camus persuaded Gallimard to publish her essays, notebooks and letters. 1
6. A good deal of my time is taken up with reading critical essays and reviews. 1
7. A lecturer at a police training college published essays written by officers in training which showed them to be openly racist. 1
8. A method is introduced in this essay for calculating the resistance moment present when a tracked vehicle steers on the ground by driving one track while braking on the other track. 1
9. A more quintessentially Formalist approach to narrative is contained in Shklovsky's essay on Tristram Shandy. 1
10. A prolific writer, Auden was also a noted playwright, librettist, editor, and essayist. 1
11. A well-written life is almost as rare as a well-spent one. Thomas Carlyle, British historian and essayist. 1
12. a wordy and repetitive essay. 1
13. Accompanying the show on all this month and until 11 July is a fully illustrated catalogue with an essay by Judith Goldman. 1
14. According to an essay written for the New York Review of Books by Gore Vidal "Rosebud" was Hearst's name for long-time mistress Marion Davies' clitoris. 1
15. According to relevant historical materials, this essay reiterates that the Department of Biology of Peking University was set up in 1925, not in 1926 or 1920. 1
16. Adopting teaching experiments and statistics, this essay makes a comparison between the new method of how to teach obverse drop shot and the traditional one. 1
17. After a careful discussion on unmeasurable set, this essay concluded its characteristics and a common measurement of the set. 1
18. After eight - part essay examination of persons chosen is anachronism, and to enter officialdom are even scarcer. 1
19. Again and again passages in his essays exasperate or bewilder. 1
20. Aim: The essay mainly studied the technique on fragmenting of beer yeast. 1
21. Aiming at the practical requirements of MLIP, this essay states the conditions of compound noun used as indirect object and adverbial. 1
22. ALAIN DE BOTTON is a British essayist, novelist and, if one uses the term somewhat expansively, philosopher. 1
23. Alexander Pope is one of the greatest poets in English Enlightenment and his long heroic couplet, An essay on Man, is now regarded as an important part of the eighteenth-century literary tradition. 1
24. Allan Poe's works in short stories, essays and poetry mainly mystery, terror and aestheticism. 1
25. Allen says she will give the deli to the person who writes the best essay or poem or song. 1
26. Along the way, McGinn’s essay also touches on the moral assumptions of the film, several other philosophical problems raised by the character of Cypher, and the dreamlike quality of all films. 1
27. Also discussed in this essay are the quasi-public goods attribute of higher education and the so-called industrialization of higher education. 1
28. Also, there was awkward hesitancy, at times, as he essayed the new words he had learned. 1
29. Although the content of "eight part essay" is timeworn, the form and layout can be used for reference. 0
30. Always write an outline for your essays. 1

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