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# Sentence Times
1. (Applause.) I especially want to thank the two departments and leaders who took the lead on this summit -- Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. 1
2. (The compiler is distributed across the classes in the package, especially the methods prepareAttributes(, and validate(. 1
3. 'That' is nearly always left out, especially in speech. He's dead and it's no use wishing him alive again. 1
4. " may seem like a rhetorical one, especially coming from the former "RUP Curmudgeon," my nickname inside the Rational organization before I left to pursue an academic career. 1
5. " This is 4 days before it was not happening, then people "vomiting, blurred vision, especially in children who contracted the skin disease chloracne", a few weeks where everyone evacuated. 1
6. "After watching what happened in Naivasha and Nakuru, especially to their kids and kin who were being butchered in the presence of the police, they were very annoyed, " he said. 1
7. "American elections have an important impact for all the world, especially for other political figures," said Fatiha Saddas, a political leader from Morocco. 1
8. "Amodiaquine has been used extensively in Africa, especially in francophone Africa, for the treatment of malaria with few reports of serious adverse effects," says Tagbor. 1
9. "As a fan, I would say that Xabi is a great player. I think he is the best passer of the ball in Europe, " he told the Radio Television Espanola programme, '59 Seconds'. 0
10. "Bronzers" thing is "my" favorite, especially "in" the summer, and this type of use of tone, and the provision of two and one " of " them is pink. 1
11. "Bryant:American poet, critic, and editor known especially for his early nature poems, such as "Thanatopsis"(1817. 1
12. "Children may view with distress violence exerted on animals and for this we should avoid it at all costs, " said Radio Television Espanola (RTVE), Spain's largest broadcasting group. 0
13. "curriculum of physical education and health" especially values the cultivation of sports experiences such as student's competitiveness, independency, fairness, and cooperativeness. 1
14. "Dairying is a very good means of improving livelihoods, especially for poor farmers," says Simon Bell, World Bank sector manager in the South Asia region. 1
15. "Dehumanization" is a basic feature of modern art, especially various avant-guard style arts. It originates in "reflexive" of aesthetic modernity. 1
16. "Feat" brand FS series reciprocating rotary spray cleaning machine is mainly used for large-scale metal cast iron machine parts, especially after the degreasing process to clean metal chips. 1
17. "Finally they are susceptible to parasitic infections especially a terrible disease called Kala-azar, otherwise known as visceral leishmaniasis. "Dr. 1
18. "I didn't consider that it's such a huge monster, especially the leatherback, " he said. 1
19. "In a society that stresses patrilineal descent, to bear children, especially sons, is critical, and girls learn from an early age that this is their responsibility" (Seymour, 1999, p. 97). 1
20. "One of the great discussions, especially since Diana's death, is, How does the House of Windsor modernize itself? " says Houston. 1
21. "One of the most effective ways to keep these children safe is to invest in education, especially for girls," said UNICEF Deputy Executive Director Rima Salah at the Toronto news conference. 1
22. "Our findings provide compelling evidence that obstructive sleep apnea is a risk factor for stroke, especially in men, " noted Redline. 1
23. "Recent improvements in the current account balance, especially in the trade balance, have shown that there is no basis for yuan to appreciate significantly, " Guan wrote. 1
24. "Small-scale fisheries are woefully underreported for bycatch," he notes, especially in the eastern Indian Ocean and off West Africa. 1
25. "So the net amount of cord-cutting for one quarter was just one-tenth of 1 percent," said Glenn Enoch, the vice president for integrated media research for ESPN. 0
26. "That was an especially beautiful sunny day," recalls Jimmy Mitchell, a statuesque man in his early thirties. 1
27. "The Gulf of Mexico is like Grand Central Station for the birds of the eastern United States and especially the Mississippi Flyway, " said Audubon President Frank Gill. 1
28. "The least satisfying dozen jobs are mostly low-skill, manual and service occupations, especially involving customer service and food/beverage preparation and serving," Smith said. 1
29. "The out-migration has reached epidemic proportions, especially among young people, " he says. "The school system here has one-half the students compared with three decades ago." 1
30. "This is a long-term secular trend for emerging market currencies especially in Asia," said Tom Higgins, global macro strategist, at Standish Mellon Asset Management. 1




  - electrostatic precipitator.

  - extrasensory perception.


  - especially.


  - a device that removes suspended dust particles from a gas or exhaust by applying a high-voltage electrostatic charge and collecting the particles on charged plates.


  - the faculty of perceiving things by means other than the known senses, e.g., by telepathy or clairvoyance.


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