Equivocal Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use equivocal, so you can learn how to use equivocal in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word equivocal here, and see the words sound like or similar to equivocal

# Sentence Times
1. A further central belief has recently begun to appear as equivocal, namely loyalism itself. 1
2. After considerable procrastination, they eventually settle on equivocal courses of action that serve only to postpone the long-dreaded day of judgment. 1
3. And members of some groups who traditionally circumcise boys or teenagers as a mark of group membership seem equivocal about the idea of outsiders adopting the practice. 1
4. And the Constitution is neither silent nor equivocal about who shall make laws which the President is to execute. 1
5. But he also comments that the welfare analysis of restraints is quite equivocal. 1
6. But the commission did clarify Gloucester's position in one area of the north where it had previously been somewhat equivocal. 1
7. Glances right and left, to meet the side which the performing duties soldier is equivocal possibly to have a guilty conscience . 1
8. He had always felt the absolute impossibility of addressing that enigmatical man, who was, in his eyes, both equivocal and imposing. 1
9. He was tortured by an awareness of the equivocal nature of his position. 1
10. Her beauty, thought Jurnet, was, like everything else about Feldon St Awdry, equivocal. 1
11. His answer was equivocal. 1
12. His equivocal response has done nothing to dampen the speculation. 1
13. His words to the press were deliberately equivocal - he didn't deny the reports but neither did he confirm them. 1
14. I could by now admit to myself, and in no equivocal terms, that I was totally in love. 1
15. If one has an encounter with an angry and belligerent individual, one has an angry and belligerent part of self in one's unconscious, or a parallel life self that is equivocally angry and belligerent. 1
16. In his subsequent work, the connection between the two would remain profoundly equivocal. 1
17. In the normal expression situation, we must avoid equivocality in the communication as much as possible, but the key point of the rhetorical device-pun is just equivocality . 2
18. Indeed, the Colonel saw no reason to answer his wife with more than an equivocal smile. 1
19. Macbeth now began to faint in resolution, and to doubt the equivocal speeches of the spirits. 1
20. Many were equivocal about the idea. 1
21. No creditable macrofossil record of the Fagaceae exists in the Cretaceous equivocal and require further study. 1
22. No matter it is a homophone (phonogram) or a polysemous word, the point of the speaker is not the "similarity" but the equivocality. 1
23. Old Grandet's equivocal mirth was as greatful as sunshine. 1
24. On matters of principle we should be clear - cut in attitude, and by no means be equivocal. 1
25. Popularity is an equivocal crown. 1
26. Research in this area is somewhat equivocal. 1
27. Results in the past have been equivocal, and replication of experiment is needed. 1
28. Roddick was equivocal, but admitted that he had been tinkering with that part of his game. 1
29. She gave an equivocal answer, typical of a politician. 1
30. She was rather equivocal about her work. 1

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