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# Sentence Times
1. A bustling, affectionate, urgent, eruptive, enterprising character. 1
2. Across the country, says Fitness magazine, enterprising and agile therapists are working their magic on patients while running alongside them. 1
3. All company employees, the implementation of a remarkable, cohesive and enterprising spirit. 1
4. All the more reason, then, to ladle on the praise when the Post shows that it can still produce the kind of public-spirited, enterprising journalism that is essential to the health of a free society. 1
5. All wool and a yard wide products , excellent service , unceasing enterprising are PaOu's duties. they setter worries for you and make for the refulgence. 1
6. Although I was so confused that does not think enterprising be set in one's way, but the master always miss this sneaking disciple! 1
7. An enterprising hotelier bought two cookie-cutter businessmen's hotels in Daimyo and then refurbished them as well-priced boutique properties: the Plaza Hotels. 1
8. An enterprising student was selling copies of the answers to the test. 1
9. An open mind, a cheerful disposition, enterprising spirit and a bountiful harvest. 1
10. And in the newer and flatter organization where there is little opportunity for promotion, how does an enterprising employee advance? 1
11. But an enterprising Swedish schoolmistress thinks otherwise . 1
12. But when an enterprising scientist placed a fiddler crab in darkness, he was amazed to find that the color of the crab's shell kept ticking off the time with the same accuracy. 1
13. Characteristics of Pu-king's neutralist way is: compromised concordance practical, exploit enterprising. 1
14. English for Navigation , seaway, and enterprising management is officially starting. 1
15. Expanding training dream come true facts just explained that the spirit of extending training carrying value: the positive enterprising spirit and sense of unity and cooperation. 1
16. Fine Wine Collections Limited initiates sharing a healthy and joyful life style. For our consumers, we will enterprisingly provide more delicate, pure, and healthy enjoyment. 1
17. From the fact that Sima Qian appreciate and loved noble-minded and successful people, we can learn that he was an enterprising man who was always eager to be successful and be famous. 1
18. From the strategy, We should get rid of the outworn idea, set up the enterprising thought, increase the personages theories level and thought level, and push the development of the nelson business. 1
19. Garrett was an enterprising young man. 1
20. He is sure to take some beating with more enterprising tactics and can hand out a lesson in the New University Maiden. 1
21. He's very worried about drought and very enterprising. 1
22. However, since the stakes are so high, that hasn't stopped teams of enterprising physicists from trying to solve superstring theory. 1
23. I am a person who loves life, like cooking, easygoing and looking for someone to share my happyness and sadness. Hope you are enterprising, mature and steady-going. 1
24. In line with diligently, enterprising consummates unceasingly reaches the strength to be willing to make a never rusty screw bolt! 1
25. In response, enterprising chemical companies have stepped up with a host of alternative solvents, including liquid carbon dioxide, silicones, propylene glycol ethers, and improved hydrocarbons. 1
26. In some places the watchers are more enterprising and come complete with an assistant. 1
27. In the early days of the settlement of Australia, enterprising settlers unwisely introduced the European rabbit. 1
28. It can cultivate effectively many excellent moral characters and mental qualities such as assiduity, tenaciousness, steadiness, determination, bravery, deploitation and enterprising. 1
29. It was an enterprising project on a small budget; making the best of local talent. 1
30. It's very enterprising of them to start up a business like that. 1

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