Entanglement Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. A good hour later, following numerous entanglements of rope in a tree, we arrived safely back to earth. 1
2. A variation of barbed wire is also used for military purposes . It is formed into long coils or entanglements called concertina wire. 1
3. Actually, the continuous variable entanglement is correlative with squeezing. 1
4. And the ground-state entanglement varies suddenly at the critical point of phase transition. The entanglement between two particles is enhanced due to the energy current. 2
5. At dawn we broke through the barbed wire entanglements under the city wall. 1
6. Because she herself had subsequently been extremely wary of any emotional entanglements. 1
7. But due to the rate of disentanglement and entanglement between atom and field becomes more rapid, the distances oscillate more rapidly within each period. 1
8. By local unitary operation and entanglement swapping, the sender can transmit the piece of secret to the participant. 1
9. Campanulaceae Codonopsis an entanglement of perennial herbs, milk white. 1
10. During most of Alexander's reign, the regime had carefully avoided all but minor military entanglements. 1
11. Felt's entanglement with history occurred in 1972 after the bungled break-in at the Democratic National Party offices in the Watergate building. 1
12. For an opened Ising chain with an alternating magnetic field, the bipartite entanglement entropy decreases when the strength of the alternating field increases. 1
13. For years Uncle Tom had avoided emotional entanglements. 1
14. Furthermore, school supervision of the activities is precisely the kind of entanglement that is impermissible under constitutional precedents. 1
15. Governments should purge banks that are big enough to hold the system to ransom. Or they should seek to slice through the entanglements, cordoning off the dangerous bits. 1
16. I long to exert a fraction of Samson's strength, and break the entanglement like tow! 1
17. If the magnetic field is fixed, the time evolution of the entanglement is periodic and is a sinusoidal function. 1
18. If the number of spins in the ring is large, the period of the entanglement changes anomalously with the external magnetic field. 1
19. In this paper, a concise and alternative average entropy is introduced, which can be used to analyze entanglement of multipartite pure states. 1
20. Irrational perhaps, but they approach their misery from entirely different directions and ethnic entanglements. 1
21. Irrational perhaps(Sentencedict), but they approach their misery from entirely different directions and ethnic entanglements. 1
22. It is formed into long coils or entanglements called concertina wire. 1
23. Lewison said that long-lived species are particularly affected by accidental entanglement in fishing lines, because these species take so long to reproduce. 1
24. Many dolphins are accidentally killed through entanglement with fishing equipment. 1
25. Many dolphins die each year from entanglement in fishing nets. 1
26. Moment, miss start stretching, such as entanglement in mind thousands of rattan. then rain, wantonly to put those thoughts volume discount and spread to every level. 1
27. Moreover, the LPN scientists have also shown that the use of this "photonic molecule" concept allows the quality of the entanglement of the emitted photon pairs to be improved. 1
28. Mr. White threaded his way through the legal entanglements. 1
29. Northridge and Pilleri list many more instances of dolphin entanglement in set-nets. 1
30. Now all the entanglement of the day came back. 1

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