Ensuing Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use ensuing, so you can learn how to use ensuing in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word ensuing here, and see the words sound like or similar to ensuing

# Sentence Times
1. A bomb exploded and I got lost in the ensuing confusion. 1
2. A hand grenade exploded by accident and I got lost in the ensuing confusion. 1
3. After the first two weeks of prednisolone, the daily dosage was steadily reduced to zero over the ensuing weeks. 1
4. An argument broke out and in the ensuing fight, a gun went off. 1
5. An ensuing explosion and fire caused extensive damage. 1
6. And, over the ensuing years, other reverses further punctured their dream of preeminence. 1
7. As many as 2,500 people died as a result of the earthquake and the ensuing tidal waves. 1
8. At a peasant dance one night he protected Lorchen, a farm girl, from a group of drunken soldiers. In the ensuing brawl, one soldier was killed and two were seriously injured. 1
9. But as to what happened thereafter , that will be disclosed in the ensuing chapter. 1
10. But in the ensuing saga, Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward wrote a new word into political history, Watergate . 1
11. But the ensuing backlog, caused while the train was stalled, lasted much longer. 1
12. But the gravest threat to health is posed by the total collapse of the economy(This website/ensuing.html), and the ensuing chronic poverty. 1
13. But the lockout, and the ensuing negotiations, produced a fait accompli that could not be undone. 1
14. But the zemstvos in particular rapidly expanded their activities during the ensuing decades. 1
15. But then the disenfranchised men waged war and the ensuing chaos is with us still. 1
16. But these, and the ensuing convictions and fines, have done little but highlight the scale of the trade. 1
17. Carbon dioxide is released in the ensuing chemical reaction. 1
18. Conclusion Early contrast- enhanced MRI is sensitive to reflect damage of blood-brain barrier, helping to predict ensuing hemorrhage. 1
19. Congress has determined that the danger created by advocacy of overthrow justifies the ensuing restriction on freedom of speech. 1
20. Dieter is deposed after the ensuing scandal. 1
21. During an ensuing struggle between Sitting Bull's followers and the police, Sitting Bull was shot in the side and head by police after they were fired upon by his supporters. 1
22. During the ensuing days every Ras and chieftain in the country must have been camped in and around Addis Ababa. 1
23. During the ensuing months, a fierce battle was raged. 1
24. Fifteen lives were lost in the accident and the ensuing fire which raged for twelve hours. 1
25. For most of the evening she was tired and irritable and her ensuing behaviour caused considerable disruption to family life. 1
26. He had become separated from his parents in the ensuing panic. 1
27. He lost his job and in the ensuing months became more and more depressed. 1
28. He then sunk his head into his hand as the ensuing guilty verdicts were announced. 1
29. He took part in the ensuing operation at Santa Cruz in April, in which the entire plate fleet was destroyed. 1
30. However, management will be aware that vacancies will arise in the ensuing months. 1

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