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# Sentence Times
1. "In her drab navy ensemble by Britt Lintner, she paled in comparison to Michelle Obama, the fusty matron to the Glamazon, " the Telegraph said. 1
2. "It's art, it's not nice," a character says at one point to his new bride in the Berliner Ensemble's staging of "The Threepenny Opera" at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. 0
3. A ballet dancer who ranks above a member of the corps de ballet and below a soloist and who performs in small ensembles. 1
4. A black silk tie completed the ensemble. 1
5. A concert, played by the Patras String ensemble, was held at the Theater of Herodes Atticus to welcome the comeback flame. 1
6. A delightful touch is that in the opening movements the instrumental ensemble is cast as an independent personality. 1
7. A detachable keyboard completed the ensemble. 1
8. A new method, BDA perturbing, is used in ensemble forecasting of typhoon track. 1
9. A pair of pink shoes completed her striking ensemble. 1
10. A pair of white shoes completed the striking ensemble. 1
11. A particle is an ensemble of many molecules contained in a small volume. 1
12. Adaptation of text from score to libretto, including overlapping lines in ensemble passages, is determined by the editor. 1
13. After recording two now-unavailable Hieroglyphics ensemble albums in the 1990s, Apfelbaum formed a sextet in 7995. 1
14. After the last strip and the ensemble the lights went on. 1
15. Also an obstacle encountered in the practical use is originating from the theoretical basis of SCM's, the ensemble average, which cannot be realized in engineering application. 1
16. Also notable are the animals and trees as active members of the mythic ensemble of players. 1
17. Although they hail from Quebec, the hurdy-gurdy of this ensemble is sure to pass muster with the average colonial. 1
18. American clarinetist Keith Lipson and friends will perform solo and small ensemble music from different periods and genres, including spontaneous improvisation. 1
19. Among them: Paul Dresher, founder of the Bay Area ensemble that bears his name. 1
20. An aria is a vocal solo that focuses on a character's emotions rather than actions. A recitative is sung dialogue or speech that occurs between arias and ensembles . 1
21. An on-stage instrumental ensemble is conducted by Westminster Abbey's Harry Bicket. 1
22. And the ensemble playing style in early Europe, as in China, is a type of monody in which all instruments play versions of the same melody. 1
23. As an effective machine learning method, ensemble learning has been widely used in various fields, such as corporation finance distress, exchange forecast and text mining. 1
24. Auditions are also to be held for the brass ensemble, the junior brass ensembles and the baroque orchestra courses. 2
25. Beautiful time, approached, there are no longer distance interval, a string ensemble, playing a blowjob, sweet day, love, eternal love, is this a dream. 1
26. Benny Goodman, a preeminent white bandleader and clarinetist, was the first to hire a black musician to be part of his ensemble. 1
27. Big Apple is a classic crime drama with an ensemble cast. 1
28. Black Sun ensemble rely on the kind of guitar sound that floats almost too closely into jazz fusion territory. 1
29. But an ensemble of gamelan masters , who play inharmonic instruments like gongs , might beg to differ. 1
30. But he was good enough, and bright enough, to qualify for the ensemble, and it broadened his outlook. 1

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