Energetic Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. 'Full of beans' is an idiom which means lively and energetic. 1
2. "Itinerant Rehearsals" shows people a large-scale and dramatic art scene. From another point of view, "Sublime Words" explains the concept of the extensive exhibition, which is young and energetic. 1
3. A "quark-gluon plasma" can be created if the collisions are energetic enough, a state of matter that existed during the high-energy conditions just after the Big Bang. 1
4. A climb up the Eildon Hills will present the energetic with stunning panoramic views of the surrounding gentle rolling countryside. 1
5. A common novelty shop in Xidan, looks small though, is quite energetic. 1
6. A full centralisation of structure and a more flowing and energetic style - often with greater pictorial content - is in evidence. 1
7. A gang of men, under the direction of their energetic and likeable foreman, 25-year-old Phineas P. Gage, was working on a new line of the Rutland and Burlington railroad. 1
8. A huge choice and plenty of Information Centres for casual strollers or energetic backpackers. 1
9. A mini-bus operates to and from the town three times a day although car hire is recommended for the less energetic. 1
10. A nation in its rowdy, energetic and inspiring youth wants freedom and is willing to exert itself to win it. 1
11. A new disease process, biological weapon, and a breakthrough in AIDS research is foretold by these energetic alignments. 1
12. A possible ionic charge state distributions of He, C, N, O, Ne, Mg, Si, S and Fe in solar energetic particle events is presented in this paper. 1
13. A shade under 6' tall and wiry, with a mane of increasingly iron-grey hair and an unemotional, meticulous delivery, he had an energetic onscreen presence. 1
14. A short, energetic woman in a suede jumpsuit entered carrying an awkward canvas bag. 1
15. A stimulus thrusting towards one is more energetic and aggressive than a similar stimulus moving away. 1
16. A strapping , energetic man, he finds the tedium of joblessness intolerable. 1
17. A sufficiently energetic particle can penetrate the entire stack of parallel plates. 1
18. Aaron Copland was an energetic promoter of American music. 1
19. Accordingly, what must push state - owned economy energetically is strategical adjust with reorganization. 1
20. Advance pasturage industrialization process energetically, the radiate that strengthens pasturage bibcock business drives capacity. 1
21. After all, there's always tomorrow to try something a little more energetic. 1
22. After trying the berries himself, the goat herder felt much more energetic than usual. 1
23. Also with our food we help to make the necessary physical and energetical change to canalize the indigo frequency without problems. 1
24. Alternatively, it could be heated by energetic ions and electrons from the magnetosphere or by some unknown uv absorber. 1
25. An application investigation of the nitramine (RDX, HMX) to the low burning rate HTPB propellants was carried out in the view of energetic property and combustion performance. 1
26. An energetic campaigner in the cause of women's lib. 1
27. An energetic little kelpie named "Westie" was rescued after it chased a sea lion four kilometers out to sea from a South Australia beach, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. 1
28. An energetic product of accelerated promotion, he was known as a tough union negotiator. 1
29. An energetic wheeler-dealer, who moved here four years ago, he told me of his initial frustrations with the mysterious demands of Bulgarian officialdom. 1
30. And even the allusion to the energetic properties of the Zabaglione seems to refer to the name Tiramisu. 1

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