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# Sentence Times
1. All these men were encumbered with their heavy loads and had only automatic pistols. 1
2. Although he ostensibly ran his own business, all of his assets were fully encumbered. 1
3. Belarus' economy is still encumbered with inefficient state-owned factories. 1
4. C warmer in the market, but the business card printing business or encumber its growth. 1
5. CONTRACTOR shall not mortgage, hypothecate, encumber or convey title to any of the equipment or materials in the performance of this CONTRACT. 1
6. Due to its scarcity of topological information, the entitative data model employed by lots of popular GIS software largely encumbers the quantitative analysis of spatial adjacency. 1
7. Environmental hormone disturb the mechanism of internal secretion, make it malajustment, encumber the procreation of organism or bring the malignancy. 1
8. Generally speaking, new cadres are not so burdened are less encumbered. 1
9. Gregory Howell tells the story of the pipefitter, who completes his assignment on time, within budget, and well within specification, only to encumber every downstream contractor on the job. 1
10. He died in 1874, heavily encumbered by debt. 1
11. He died in 1874(This website heavily encumbered by debt. 1
12. He is encumbered with debts. 1
13. He never let a woman encumber him for any length of time. 1
14. He said: "Man hast look forward, and never encumbered by foretime." 1
15. He shall not encumber his brain with the coil of rhythm and number. 1
16. He was encumbered with cares. 1
17. He was now encumbered with a record that the voters generally regarded in an unfavourable light. 1
18. Her fortune was large, and our family estate much encumbered. 1
19. Her long skirt encumbered her while running. 1
20. Her sentences are encumbered by modifying clauses. 1
21. His estate is encumbered with a heavy mortgage. 1
22. How can a system of females choosing males that are good at surviving encumber those males with handicaps to survival? 1
23. I don't want encumber myself with unnecessary luggage. 1
24. I don't want to encumber myself with unnecessary luggage. 1
25. I'm sure we all wish to be less encumbered by rules which we think unnecessary and restricting. 1
26. In some cases, the property maybe encumbered by a lien from a contractor, service provider, bank or other lending institution. 1
27. In some cases, the property maybe encumbered by a lien from a contractor, service provider,(This website/encumbered.html) bank or other lending institution. 1
28. It is still labouring under the debt burden that it was encumbered with in the 1980s. 1
29. Lead weights and air cylinders encumbered the divers as they walked to the shore. 1
30. Neither will the first coach be encumbered by the salary cap. 1


[inˈkəmbər, enˈkəmbər]


encumbers (third person present) · encumbered (past tense) · encumbered (past participle) · encumbering (present participle)

  - restrict or burden (someone or something) in such a way that free action or movement is difficult.


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