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1. A senior counterterrorism official who visited the JSOC redoubt described it as an enclave of unusual secrecy and discretion. 1
2. Access to airport maps, airport of Osaka Prefecture and Hyogo Prefecture belong to the border, shipping terminal near the complex, as the existence of the enclave. 1
3. According to the statistics of 2615 enclaves in 53 enclave observation spots, enclaves in Fangshan granodiorite are divided into two categories, xenolith enclave and microgranular enclave. 5
4. All eyes followed the Collector as he strode about the enclave grimacing and muttering to himself. 1
5. An Abkhazian police officer posed for a picture with a Russian flag after a demonstration in support of Abkhazia's independence in Sukhumi, the enclave's capital. 0
6. An enclave provides the ability to manage the performance of a business transaction across multiple address spaces and systems inside a Sysplex. 1
7. An unapologetic Russian-speaking enclave in independent Ukraine, it is bound to draw you in with its own brand of humour, warm Mediterranean air and tragic, yet glorious history. 1
8. And before that he had brought her back from the world, home again into the enclave of the Scarabae. 1
9. Ballyhackamore, a Protestant enclave in east Belfast, has mustered enough enthusiasts for a class. 1
10. Buick exports only the high-end enclave sport utility vehicle to China and makes the rest of its vehicles locally, with a Chinese partner. 1
11. But not every patron hails from the Indochinese enclaves that dot this part of San Diego. 1
12. Campione d'Italia is an Italian enclave in Switzerland. 1
13. Considered a crown jewel of the National Wildlife Refuge System, this enclave of isolated beaches, coastal marshes and forests offers a unique experience for the nature photographer. 1
14. Despite the deployment of UN peacekeepers in 1964, sporadic inter-communal violence continued forcing most Turkish Cypriots into enclaves throughout the island. 1
15. Establishing such enclaves would inevitably encourage the immigration of larger companies seeking tax exemptions. 1
16. Gaming revenues in the former Portuguese enclave increased 22 per cent last year to $ 7.16 bn. 1
17. Great tracts of the Middle Kingdom will be virtually indistinguishable from the tiny entrepreneurial enclave. 1
18. However, the unification of Italy in the late 19th century and the ensuing Lateran Agreement gave The Vatican a small enclave within Rome and statehood in return for recognition of Italy. 1
19. In Georgia's enclaves, Russian forces have acted as self-interested troublemakers, not as neutral peacekeepers. 1
20. In the States, a poor enclave , home to a pair of mother and son. 1
21. In this paper, the arsenopyrite and pyrite which enclave gold in arsenical refractory gold concentrate are leached by sodium dichromate in acidic medium. The dearsenication of this method is over 95%. 1
22. It is very important to strengthen the study of the primary texture, enclaves, accessory minerals (especially zircon) and geochemistry. 1
23. It was bizarre, surrealistic, a little enclave of cancer patients in a noisy, crowded bar. 1
24. Located in the heart of Novena and Thomson, Vista Residences is a private enclave brought to you by Singapore's leading private developer, Far East Organization. 1
25. Men kneel outside a mosque during Friday prayers in Sadr City, a mostly Shi'ite enclave in Baghdad. 1
26. Nagorno-Karabakh is a mainly Armenian enclave within Azerbaijan. 1
27. Nagorno-Karabakh is an Armenian enclave inside Azerbaijan. 1
28. Near Belturbet, we reached the Border once more, and drove into a small enclave. 1
29. Now the neighborhood's louche reputation has given way to one of trendiness, as a number of intimate, fashionable restaurants have moved into this tiny Mayfair enclave. 1
30. ON THE night of August 7th, Mikheil Saakashvili, Georgia's president, embarked on an ill-judged assault on South Ossetia, one of his country's two breakaway enclaves. 1

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