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# Sentence Times
1. 'Buy Now' function, which enables to buy the product for spent bids and additional payment up to the retail price. 1
2. "NIH's unique translational environment, where researchers can pursue intellectual high-risk, out-of-the-box thinking with high potential payoff, enabled us to pursue this work, " he said. 1
3. "Over time, more exchange rate flexibility can enable China to have a monetary policy independent from US cyclical conditions, which is increasingly necessary," the report said. 1
4. "The wishes in our hearts to sacrifice for our motherland enable us to endure the hardship," said Gao Teng, a machine-gun toting soldier from Jiangxi province. 1
5. "This test will enable health workers to accurately identify kids to hospitalise and treat, " he says. 1
6. "To enable life you need genes and proteins, which are information and machines," said molecular biologist Michael Hecht of Princeton University, co-author of the study published online in PLoS ONE. 1
7. "We believe this process, which enables a portion of human remains to be flushed down a drain, to be undignified," said Patrick McGee, a spokesman for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Manchester. 1
8. "World of Warcraft" is now welcoming his fifth birthday, while it was only a game in which enables the players reincarnate themselves into warlock, warrior, orcish and numen any longer. 1
9. A balanced line driver can also have an input signal called an " Enable'signal. 0
10. A big thank-you to Mr Yu Yat-tung for his informative talk to enable us a deeper understanding on the coastal waterbird census in China. 1
11. A bird's wings enable it to fly. 1
12. A bit of background noise on the phone enables our ears to filter out echoes. 1
13. A built in trivia quiz player enables everyone in the room to join together and play a fast-paced quiz game. 1
14. A combination of army support and neutrality enabled the demonstrators to overrun both buildings with minimal losses. 1
15. A component of the HALS design is the SprayCool Multi-Platform Enclosure (MPE) which enables the electronics to be located near the radar currently mounted on the front of the Black Hawk. 1
16. A computer program that enables a user to connect to IRC. 1
17. A control system is disclosed that is configurable (e. g. , by a programmer) so as to enable input from multiple sources to capture to multiple controls. 1
18. A control system is disclosed that is configurable (e. g. (Sentencedict so as to enable input from multiple sources to capture to multiple controls. 1
19. A Demilitarized Zone enables further protection from malicious or unauthorized access attempts from outside the Enterprise Secure Zone. 1
20. A flexible programmable electron beam deflection system is proposed which enables an electron beam to be controlled externally to a spot. 1
21. A four-dimension simulation code is developed, which enables us to study the thermal effect of high-power lasers propagating through a beam control system. 1
22. A functional unit that modulates and demodulates signals. One of the functions of a modem is to enable digital data to be transmitted over analog transmission facilities. 1
23. A general module which enables the student to acquire basic skills in group music making, using instruments and/or voices. 1
24. A graphics tablet or digitizing tablet is An input device that enables you to enter drawings and sketches into a computer. 1
25. A haptics jacket, designed by scientists at Philips Electronics, can enable movie viewers to feel movies through a sense of touch. 1
26. A hard disk enables the microcomputer to store vast amounts of information on disk. 1
27. A lead from an informer enabled the police to make several arrests. 1
28. A Lloyd's Bank cheque book enables you to keep your money affairs in good order. 1
29. A majority vote enabled the passage of the resolution. 1
30. A man's wisdom enables him to see and understand what is right and true, what is desirable and undesirable, as well as to think and judge intelligently and wisely. Dr T.P.Chia  1

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