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# Sentence Times
1. The employees have been in dispute with management for three weeks. 1
2. “ The EEOC has been very aggressive in trying to basically demonize the Kidmans for trying to maintain a good work environment for their employees ??? 1
3. (via Google Translate) reports that all but two of the employees are now relocated in Silicon Valley and that they are zipped up due to non-disclosure agreements. 1
4. 'Chinese have zero loyalty to their employer, ' one executive at a manufacturing firm told us. Said the general manager of a Shanghai hotel: 'The most important motivator is money. ' 1
5. 'You don't want to quit precipitously since you can traumatize yourself even more by facing extended un employment . 1
6. " Even in the graveyard here at hand, " answered the physician, continuing his employment. 1
7. " woman with joy the look back on is worn the employee of insurance company, next the in sad earnest says, "If use 200 thousand fund, can make the husband comes alive, that is much better! 1
8. "Danggui Shaoyao Powder" was employed to treat primary dysmenorrhea , pelvic inflammation and adnexitis; and satisfactory effects were obtained. 1
9. "Even if a woman is able to escape to her embassy, she will still have to negotiate with employers to get an exit visa, " Varia said. 1
10. "Getting back on the right path as quickly as possible is what makes you a good employee," says Anna Post, an author and spokesperson for the Emily Post Institute. 1
11. "Governments have begun to address abuse of migrant workers, including with strengthened employment contracts and labor law provisions," Varia said. 1
12. "I did not plan to undertake in-house public relations, in that way word, the relation of I and employee can become only more flooey " . 1
13. "I saw some old guys in funny costumes messing around near my toolshed about a month ago," said Bay State Electronics Supply employee Jim Hicks, 45. 1
14. "IBM not only is offshoring its work to low-cost countries, now IBM wants employees to offshore themselves, " spokesman Lee Conrad told CNN. 1
15. "In the Disturbia film the defendants purposefully employed immaterial variations or transparent rephrasing to produce essentially the same story as the Rear Window story, " the lawsuit said. 1
16. "It is too early to bet on a consumer renaissance, because consumers are still facing severe headwinds from declining employment and reduced wealth. But the worst appears to be behind us," said Gault. 1
17. "Make yourself available for a learning opportunity, at a cut rate to the employer, " says Lauren Milligan, founder of consulting firm ResuMAYDAY. 1
18. "Recruiting Captain Hindi as a pilot ... is a major step in the employment of women and in their more active participation in Saudi society," Prince Alwaleed said in a statement. 1
19. "Soldiers are hardworking, punctual and fearless. Employers will appreciate such employees, " said Zhao. He can keep high-spirited selling products in chills for the whole day. 1
20. "Talk about the future, " Page told University of Michigan's engineering graduates in 2005 -- back when Google had 3, 500 employees, one-eighth as many as it does now. 1
21. "The bank's board of directors has approved the employee stock ownership plan, " the 21st Century Business Herald quoted Zhu Min, assistant president of Bank of China, as saying Tuesday. 1
22. "The construction of three teams" offers some protective system such as the innovation of systems of employment of evaluation. 1
23. "The employee stock ownership plan is an important part of financial institutions' joint stock reform, " Zhou said earlier. 1
24. "The two scariest examples were human stool samples stored in the same refrigerator as employee lunches, " she says, "and cow manure samples refrigerated next to food items." 1
25. "There is no Ukrainian teacher in the school and wehave never employed any foreign staff, " Li told Xinhua. "The reportwas unfounded. 1
26. "These are beautiful, I like the arrangement and everything, it looks nice, " he told employee Mary Darcy after she handed him the roses arranged with baby's breath and wrapped in cellophane. 1
27. "They will not be counted in the employment statistics; there will be a loss, in some sense, of productive capacity for the economy," Kramer told Reuters. 1
28. "We are reaching the level that starts to be problematic for the export performance of European companies," said Marc Stocker, chief economist at BusinessEurope, Europe's biggest employers' group. 1
29. "We boast that we're a good trainer for the next employer, " says Nestle 's Mr. Isherwood. 1
30. "We don't have a system in this country where you can work for free, " says Jay A. Zweig, a partner who works in employment law at Bryan Cave in Phoenix. 1

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