Emollient Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use emollient, so you can learn how to use emollient in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word emollient here, and see the words sound like or similar to emollient

# Sentence Times
1. Almond oil is renowned for its soothing, emollient properties. 1
2. Aloe essence of frankincense, hyaluronic acid and efficient moisturizing emollients agent. 1
3. An effective daily anti-aging skin cream should also keep the skin hydrated; so, it should contain natural emollients like Jojoba oil, Avocado oil, Maracuja, Babassu and Grapeseed oil. 1
4. An emollient reply was drafted for me to send back. 1
5. Avocado Oil, derived from the fruit of a tropical American tree, is a rich, fatty - acid emollient. 1
6. Dimethicone – An excellent emollient , dimethicone allows for superior spreadability while softening and soothing baby's delicate bottom. 1
7. Do not use emollients or oils to lubricate the skin. 1
8. Famous for its legendary natural emollient and moisturizing a great addition to your shower or bath. 1
9. Ingredients: water, propylene glycol, stearic acid monoglyceride, DP-300 (triclosan), APG, hydrolysis liquid pearls, marine polysaccharide emollients, Pierre BP. 1
10. Its tooth sharp benefit is emollient andtorn to pieces an alimental function in the mastication. 1
11. Mr Bush now has an opportunity to revamp his reputation by adopting a more emollient style. 1
12. National sovereignty although to world environment of depravation negative have a responsibility, the sovereign state also is a global environment emollient conservator in the meantime. 1
13. Objective To evaluate the protective effect and acute skin irritating reaction of anti cercaria emollient cream (ACEC) from infection of S. 1
14. Patients were allowed to use topical steroids and emollients as required. 1
15. Sunday schools too were booming and every week little people were taught to give voice to such emollient verses as these. 1
16. The central character is a deceptively emollient senior figure in a Conservative Government. 1
17. The data scooped out the technical emergence and developments to provide the emollient support for this. 1
18. The incorporation gets up, richly pay and emolliently lift a hand to. 1
19. The mist contains sunflower oil, a natural emollient that sinks into your skin and conditioned. 1
20. The northerners'initial response has been emollient. 1
21. This easy to apply combination of pure Cocoa Butter and Panthenol (Pro Vitamin B5) in a soothing, emollient base helps relieve sore, cracked nipples associated with breastfeeding. 1
22. This mild and moisturizing face soap is fragrance-free with soothing emollients and non-drying cleansers. 1
23. This soft milk-like cleansing lotion is made up of the concentrated emollient Organic Aloe Vera and nonfat dry milk. 1
24. Uncertainties Page: Should we use bath emollients for atopic eczema? 1
25. Use an emollient for dry skin. 1
26. Visiting Downing Street earlier in the day, Mr Obama was at once emollient, self-critical and articulate, in a way that put an initially bashful Gordon Brown at his ease. 1

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