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# Sentence Times
1. A doctor's reputation is made by the number of eminent men who die under his care. George Bernard Shaw  1
2. A few years mellowing, this wine becomes eminently drinkable. 1
3. A land with rich cultural heritage, Zhejiang has produced many eminent people since ancient times. 1
4. a man of eminent good sense. 1
5. A politician, however eminent or popular, who lacks that base will not reach or survive at the top. 1
6. A typical exercise of the eminent domain power occurs when the state takes private property in order to build a highway. 1
7. A while ago I had a dispiriting conversation with another eminent European scientist. 1
8. According to Paul Ekman, an eminent researcher on deception, duping delight "is the pleasure we get over having someone else in our control and being able to manipulate them." 1
9. According to this attribute, privacy is defined to be the eminent and mastery on individual domain and private existence information unrelated to the public interest. 1
10. After all, he was an eminently eligible man, attractive and immensely wealthy. 1
11. Agrippa was the son-in-law of Augustus and an eminent town planner. 1
12. Although city dwellers are still subject to eminent-domain types of land claims, they must be compensated with fair market value, or allowed to buy property at another, similar location. 0
13. Among themselves, ecclesiastics have become eminently sophisticated and erudite. 1
14. An eminent aeronautical engineer's perspective on the history of engineering. 1
15. An eminent anthropologist , Fred Gelman investigated the remnants of ancient structures. 1
16. An eminent judge has been disbarred for accepting bribes. 1
17. An eminent musicologist, mathematician and calendarist, who was honored to be "oriental personage of artistic encyclopedia type". 1
18. An eminent preacher claimed that he could overcome even the worst disaster if he could have fifteen minutes of contemplation. 1
19. An eminent professor of international relations says his colleagues are gutless wonders who won't tell the state or society when they are wrong. 1
20. And one way to think about pitcher plants is as a modest-scale island, " said Robert Holt, an eminent University of Florida ecologist who's tracked the pitcher plant work. 1
21. Are we getting our money's worth? An eminent educationist is now asking it loud and clear. 1
22. As a core of eminent domain, compensation relies mostly on the control of all kinds of evidence. 1
23. As a first-year undergraduate studying medicine, I worked at St Mary's Hospital in London for an eminent professor during the vacation. 1
24. As a staff member in this department, she has been eminently satisfactory. 1
25. As Figure 1.3 shows, those who study history are eminently trainable for a wide variety of occupations. 1
26. As we all know, Plotinus is one of the eminent philosophers during the transitional period between the ancient Greece and the Middle Ages. 1
27. At a glance this seems eminently reasonable - not least if it protects us from Family videos. 1
28. At face value, decentralisation of services into communities seems eminently sensible, and reference centres have been effective in some countries. 1
29. At present , a number of groups are jostling to bepre - eminent forum for discussions between world leaders. 1
30. Because Hilary's homestead was on the main highway, the government was going to take it by eminent domain in the near future and make it part of the headquarters operation. 1

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