Emigration Definition

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31. No precise official figure on emigration exists before the end of the nineteenth century. 1
32. Recent reports stressed that training and education would be a stimulus to emigration. 1
33. Sandys was able to keep up emigration, but death and discouragement meant the population hardly rose above 1,000. 1
34. The authorities have failed so far to enact a law allowing unrestricted emigration. 1
35. The country's economic future is seriously jeopardized by the mass emigration of young people. 1
36. The emigration movement reached a peak in 1973 with 33,000 Jews leaving. 1
37. The emigration of scientists is a catastrophe for the country. 1
38. The family might be too poor to help, or not available due to death or emigration. 1
39. The government office had consequently delayed issuing an emigration passport. 1
40. The greatest emigration came after the famine years that began in 1846. 1
41. The industrial boom ignited a regional emigration as employment opportunities abound, increasing the town's population by fivefold in record time. 1
42. The largest emigration from Europe came to the United States in 1970. 1
43. The President has called for a halt to the wave of emigration. 1
44. There were very marked peaks in September and April, and both emigration and immigration was noted at each season. 1
45. These same governments have been and continue to be the cause of mass unemployment and emigration. 1
46. They drag on from generation to generation and emigration to Britain makes very little difference. 1
47. This paper examine on the pauperization mechanism and elusion path for the reservoir emigration of the southwest of China. 1
48. Three pairs of young lovers walked by, hand in hand, whispering dreams of emigration. 1
49. Total growth also includes the balance of immigration and emigration. 1
50. We have remained them of circumstances of our emigration and settlement here. 1
51. We have reminded them of the circumstances of our emigration and sett lement here. 1
52. Zimbabwe is a more recent example of this crippling medical emigration. 1

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