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1. Adhesion of dermal papillae, cell emigration, workload and frequency of contamination were compared with that of microdissection and microdissection with digestive treatment. 1
2. Among the irresolvable problems that spark emigration, there are material ones, and emotional ones. 1
3. And a strange penultimate chapter on the Irish potato famine in which the potato blight is the villain, responsible for many deaths and massive emigration (shades of McNeill?). 1
4. As many of these people brought their families with them, their departure resembled an emigration. 1
5. As matters stand, families are losing their homes and emigration is accelerating. 1
6. Augmentation in population made emigration necessary. 1
7. Both emigration and internal migration became increasingly controlled. 1
8. But emigration to the United States had made this restriction anachronistic and so the Liberal government altered the law. 1
9. But why should the inevitable response to a problem in one country be permanent emigration to the other side of the world? 1
10. During the early sixth century emigration from Britain to Brittany was at its height. 1
11. Emigration emigration and tourism have long been the main contributors to the economy of Madeira, emigration being the older. 2
12. For this reason, an increase in population density often precipitates a round of emigration. 1
13. Form 1995 to 1997, the authors had studied the species, population density, and emigration of the raptorial in Manghe Nature Reserve. 1
14. General Booth's Salvationist doctrine was a notable example, recommending mass emigration from the city slums to virgin colonial territories. 1
15. He called for a halt to the recent wave of emigration. 1
16. He needs no longer weigh reasons for and against his emigration. 1
17. Henry, who later became the amiable vicar of Cannington, was never a likely recruit to idealistic schemes for emigration. 1
18. If Britain's economy were to collapse at some future point, there would be mass emigration once more. 1
19. In 1921, there was a huge increase in the emigration and physical extinction of households. 1
20. In the burst of emigration from Ireland in the 1840 s , the potato famine provided the push. 1
21. In the last few years China's increasingly open-handed approach to funding overseas infrastructure has heightened this flow of emigration. 1
22. In the mid 1970s Soviet emigration policies became more lenient. 1
23. Increase in population made emigration necessary. 1
24. Italian emigration to the United States began slowly in 1880's and reached important proportions about 1900. 1
25. Many young Basotho, caught between joblessness and emigration , want change. 1
26. Mass emigration would be a possibility, but surely not a recommendation. 1
27. Michael Joyce had not suffered financial ruin by his second emigration. 1
28. Migration is a generic term used to refer both to immigration and to emigration. 1
29. Moreover, in the program run process, the plug-in unit can dynamic load with the emigration memory. 1
30. Moscow stressed that Israel had no standing to discuss Soviet emigration policies. 1

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