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1. "It's time for the world to impose a UN arms embargo and financial sanctions, to hurt Burma's leaders until they make real changes," said Adams. 1
2. "We should immediately end the trade embargo which the US has imposed on the people of Cuba, " Mr Carter told a news conference before leaving Havana. 1
3. Agreement in Cairo should be topped by an end to the oil embargo in Riyadh. 1
4. All tapes carry clear instructions about a strict embargo until broadcast on Christmas Day. 1
5. AMD is not allowed to flog its gear in Iran which is under a technology trade embargo. 1
6. Among these its Trade embargo Policy to Cuba is main aspect. 1
7. An arms ban is a prescript imposed by one or more States to forbid arms sales from its internal to other countries. It is an idiographic embodiment of arms embargo. 1
8. An embargo without enforcement would be a mockery. 1
9. Another message followed shortly afterwards they'd forgotten the embargo. 1
10. Any country has the right to lay an embargo on the sale of consumer goods to unfriendly nations. 1
11. Armenia is occupying a region of Azerbaijani territory, which has resulted in Turkey enforcing a trade embargo against Armenia since 1993, crippling the Armenian economy. 1
12. At the same time, international interests would like to ease the sanctions regime, particularly the trade embargo. 1
13. Because of the long-standing U.S. trade embargo against communist-led Cuba, Americans have been forbidden, with some exceptions, from visiting the island 90 miles from Key West, Florida. 1
14. Both could be violations of a U.S. trade embargo, but not something Washington can do anything about in the absence of diplomatic relations with Havana. 1
15. Britain was signalling its readiness to have the embargo lifted. 1
16. But has anyone thought how lifting that embargo would affect another outstanding industry in the Red River Valley: the sugar industry? 1
17. But lifting the decades - old trade embargo may be trickier. 1
18. But Mr. Jiang reiterated that there was no international trade embargo, Mr. Ohata said. 1
19. But romanticizing the whimsy of classic American cars is to romanticize the decades-old trade embargo that the United States has imposed on Cuba. 1
20. But romanticizing the whimsy of classic American cars is to romanticize the decades-old trade embargo that the United States has imposed on Cuba. This website 1
21. But the embargo on rare earth exports to Japan was an even more blatant violation of international trade law. 1
22. Can embargo be a useful instrument to protect lead times or influence Soviet policy? 1
23. Congress may bow to public pressure and lift the arms embargo. 1
24. Did he discuss with Europe on the lift of the EU's arms embargo against China? 1
25. During the War of 1812, Congress laid an embargo on commerce with Great Britain. 1
26. During the war, they laid an embargo on commerce with enemy countries. 1
27. Ever since Hamas began its one-party rule of Gaza, in the summer of 2007, Israel and the West have tried to turn Gazans against Hamas through an economic embargo and diplomatic isolation. 1
28. First came the OPEC embargo in response to the Arab-Israeli war of 1973. 1
29. France has always been supportive on the lift of the European Union's arms embargo on China, he said. 1
30. Gasoline prices went sky - high during the oil embargo. 1




embargoes (plural noun)

  - an official ban on trade or other commercial activity with a particular country.


embargoes (third person present) · embargoed (past tense) · embargoed (past participle) · embargoing (present participle)


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