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1. and by 1989 Mikhail Gorbachev was in power promising perestroika—a comprehensive restructuring of Soviet politics and economy—and glasnost, a policy of openness and transparency. 0
2. 'In commercial terms, I'm living in the current economy, but I have a hedging strategy for it all going wrong, ' he says by telephone from his study, a transformed woodshed. 1
3. 'When the economy sneezes, the not-for-profit sector catches the flu,' says Mr. Hochman. 'We get hit hard.' 1
4. 'Without some improvement in the economy and job creation, it will be difficult for companies across the board to maintain the robust pace of earnings we've seen, ' says Puglia. 1
5. 'You need to be flexible and nimble in this economy, ' Ms. Hahn says. 1
6. " If there is no generation " muckraking" efforts, it is hard to imagine the U. S. economy later this will take off. 1
7. "Because of the size of the two economies, the bilateral economic relationship and the economic decisions of both countries have a profound impact on the global economy, " the CRS analysis says. 1
8. "Buyers market ", "excess economy", "inadequacy of effective demand ", and "currency deflation"are insufficient to generalize Chinese macroeconomic situation. 0
9. "China is made " transition " have a brand oneself " it is our country economy from exit model turn to need upcountry model the actualest outlet. 1
10. "Coal mining is the broad-shouldered Atlas of West Virginia's economy, " said Jason Bostic of the West Virginia Coal Association. 1
11. "Dubai World and its entities account for a very large chunk of the Dubai economy and its indebtedness and we expect Emirates NBD to have a full share of that," Madha said. 1
12. "Failing to raise the debt ceiling would do irreparable harm to our credit standing, would undermine our ability to lead on global economic issues and would damage our economy," he said. 1
13. "Fair value approach" in existence for many years, the sudden crisis in the world economy after the outbreak of criticism and demands incurred by a voice of change. 1
14. "Globalization is a fabulous thing. It raises everyone's standard of living — it's a net benefit to the global economy, " he said. 1
15. "Greater fuel economy will shrink fuel costs for small businesses that depend on pickups and heavy-duty vehicles, shipping companies and cities and towns with fleets of these vehicles," she said. 1
16. "I don't think we're at any risk of a meaningful sell-off into the end of the year, but I think the basic contours of what the economy looks like are pretty well set," he said. 1
17. "If the data hold up pretty well, it's going to be a bit of a challenge to the view that the U.S. economy is going to falter, but probably won't convince the most skeptical of people," Stanley said. 1
18. "in sharp contrast with competition" is a prepositional phrase acting as an adverbial of contrast while "under a market economy" modifies the noun "competition". 0
19. "In times of hardship like in this economy, people scrutinize immigration, but it's been proven time and time again that immigrants contribute to this economy and our country, " he says. 2
20. "It does have the size and the liquidity and the size of the economy, potentially, " Rogers said, adding that it was the only currency with the chance of supplanting the dollar within 10 to 15 years. 1
21. "It seems really odd that credit card companies can continue to charge a tax on the economy, " says Aaron Patzer, founder of the financial management service, which is now owned by Intuit. 1
22. "It's not a lack of liquidity that's holding the economy back," said Michelle Girard, senior U.S. economist at RBS Securities in Stamford, Conn. 1
23. "Japan's economy still is quite sensitive to global demand ... and for consumer demand to grow on a self-sustained basis still seems unlikely, " Shirakawa said. 1
24. "Judging by the coincident index, there is a chance that March was the bottom for Japan's economy," Susumu Kato, chief economist at Calyon Capital Markets Japan. 1
25. "One look at the jobs report should show the White House it's time to get serious about cutting spending and healing our ailing economy," said U.S. House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner. 1
26. "Santa Claus governs our entire economy for the last quarter of the year and without him businesses would go broke," said co-author Allan Lazar. 1
27. "The consensus view is that all the improvements in corporate earnings and the economy are illusory, " says Phil Orlando, chief equity market strategist at Federated Investors (FII). 1
28. "The current situation therefore acutely threatens our economy and our labor market. It carries the risk of a recession as well as deflationary developments," SNB Chairman Philipp Hildebrand said. 1
29. "The Fed comments worked hand-in-glove with data that showed that the economy didn't fall off a cliff and consumers continued to spend," Rupkey said. 1
30. "The Government is suppressing inflation by devastating the economy," he said. 1




economies (plural noun) · economy class (noun) · economy class (plural noun)

  - the wealth and resources of a country or region, especially in terms of the production and consumption of goods and services.

  - careful management of available resources.


  - (of a product) offering the best value for the money.


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