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Below is a list of some of the sentences that use echo, so you can learn how to use echo in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word echo here, and see the words sound like or similar to echo

# Sentence Times
1. 'He's gone!'Viv echoed incredulously. 1
2. 'More police, that's what we need,' he said, echoing his father's views on the subject. 1
3. 'So you love him, do you?' Magda's voice was a mocking echo of my own. 1
4. 'You bet,' she said, echoing his words. 1
5. " in national land tax total bureau is announced " fictitious currency trades must impose 20% income tax " after this one message, immediateness swims in the net the bound causes intense echo. 1
6. "Asia is taking a breather, and the trade cycle is slowing, " echoed Frederic Neumann, regional economist at HSBC in Hong Kong. 1
7. "Haha" is an echoic word for laughter in Chinese and "point" is the Chinese equivalent of "threshold." 1
8. "That was a truly delicious piece of pork," he said. "Yes, wasn't it?" echoed Penelope. 1
9. "What is interesting to me is the role of the blogosphere as being an echo chamber, " says Frank. "It keeps the stuff alive for awhile." 1
10. a 'football, 'cricket, 'sports, recre'ation ground * a pa'rade-ground * a 'playground * The cheers of the fans echoed round the ground as the team appeared. 1
11. A bat echolocates the direction. 1
12. A bat lives in a world of echoes from near objects, distant objects and objects at all intermediate distances. 1
13. A bispectrum - based approach is applied to extract feature information of cementing oil well from ultrasonic echoes. 1
14. A bit of background noise on the phone enables our ears to filter out echoes. 1
15. A bright linear echo arises from the atretic tricuspid plane (curved arrow, spine. 1
16. A bright linear echo arises from the atretic tricuspid plane (curved arrow). LA, left atrium. Sp, spine. 1
17. A burst of gunfire echoed across the square. 1
18. A cardiologist will analyze the results from your echocardiography. 1
19. A communication system includes an echo canceller and double-talk detector. 1
20. A Congressman should echo the opinions of his constituency. 1
21. A deep chesty bawl echoes from rimrock to rimrock, rolls down the mountain, and fades into the far blackness of the night. 1
22. A device used underwater to produce pulses of sound, as for an echo sounder. 1
23. A device used underwater to produce pulses of sound,(This website/sounder.html) as for an echo sounder. 1
24. A digital model of the target is established, which have effect on the echos amplitude and shape according to the angle of view, and simulated target echo signal under the different aspect angle. 2
25. A dry laugh echoed down the telephone wire. 1
26. A faint echo sounded in the cave. 1
27. A flat, broad irregular, solid mass echoic pattern. 1
28. A glass tide tinkled on the hull of the receiver, its echoing obsidian. 1
29. A large number of Good Samaritan heart patients benefit from the stress echo test. 1
30. A long peal of thunder came echoing across the sky. 1




echoes (plural noun)

  - a sound or series of sounds caused by the reflection of sound waves from a surface back to the listener.

  - a close parallel or repetition of an idea, feeling, style, or event.

  - a code word representing the letter E, used in radio communication.


echoes (third person present) · echoed (past tense) · echoed (past participle) · echoing (present participle)

  - (of a sound) be repeated or reverberate after the original sound has stopped.

  - (of an object, movement, or event) be reminiscent of or have shared characteristics with.


  - a nymph deprived of speech by Hera in order to stop her chatter, and left able only to repeat what others had said.


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