Earthling Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. A free link to the Maker is supplied as standard issue to every earthling, fully installed by him from the womb. 1
2. A sleepless alien might legitimately conclude that Earthlings' central preoccupation was this peculiar sort of inactivity. 0
3. Adam, the earthling made from the earth. Adam is made from adamah. 1
4. An earthling is employed by an intergalactic federation to watch over a Way Station they secretly set up on Earth. 1
5. And another one said, "we know what our Master in the U. S. suffered a lot in order to retrieve earthling." 1
6. And this time, he aims to kick some earthling butt. 1
7. As the one of the three primary source of pollution, noise pollution has become worldwide problem and aroused earthling attention. 1
8. Become legends, to witness the earthling minor, I hope I can become your friend. 1
9. Before long, they start surprising the stressed-out earthlings, first as small steel raptors, then as humanoids. 1
10. But earthlings attempting to borrow found a different reality. 1
11. Cassini and curious Earthlings await the coming Saturnian equinox this summer when the ring plane will point directly at the Sun. 0
12. Flaming Qiao Buddha everything carefully brightly lit, jade Pure brilliant Zhanzhan Patriotic Democratic Movements, the earthling things dressing! 1
13. God created the adam, the earthling, "Male and female created he them." 1
14. He formed his own stylelish in his creation, leaving lots of elegant music to the earthling. 1
15. He imagined a monster who disguised himself as a kid to attack an earthling. 1
16. If the craft encounters no one, it will float forever through the Milky Way, an emissary of the curious earthlings who launched it, hoping to make their mark in the vastness of cosmic time. 1
17. It simply means human or more precisely earthling because it comes from the word adamah, which means ground or earth. 1
18. Maybe he was in the body but he just liked getting kicked by earthlings. 1
19. Moreover, this earthling that seems to include both male and female, is then said to be in the image of God. 1
20. Most near-Earth asteroids follow trajectories that are much better suited to the needs of belt-bound Earthlings. 0
21. Natalie Portman plays the earthling scientist. 1
22. Now in the exploitation, there are cavities about history of Buddha, publicity and Kwan-yin, which bring forth abundant Buddha culture to the earthling. 1
23. Protecting the earth our homestead is an unshirkable duty for every earthling. 1
24. So this is adam, an earthling, a thing that has been taken from the earth. 1
25. The adam, the earthling, male and female was made in the image of God. 1
26. The earthling and the Martian agree that she holds a single object in her hand, but they disagree over what its sort is. 1
27. The work of reducing noise is a system engineering which includes scientific layout machine room of ADVANTX system, interconnection cables, making cable duct and earthling assembly, and so on. 1
28. There are few people in the world who would like to give up fame and success and willing to be an earthling. 1
29. They had many wonderful things to teach Earthlings, especially about time. 0
30. Your greatness is deserved and should be revered by earthling. 1





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