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1. A qualitative and quantitative analysis to determine ultraviolet transmittancy was introduced here utilizing the photosensitivity of some vat dyestuffs. 1
2. Considerable work has also been undertaken to develop new blends using wool and experimenting with new man made fibres and dyestuffs. 1
3. Experiments indicated that serial assistants could make the best absorption wavelength of the dyestuffs shift towards long wave, and they present better level dyeing and hyperchromic effect. 1
4. Lead chromate and arsenic disulfide are both raw materials of Chinese traditional medicine and mineral dyestuffs. 1
5. Machine design, control and operation , dyeing with reactive dyestuffs and vat dyestuffs are described in detail. 2
6. Manganese ore (PGM are used in static experiment to decolorize dyestuffs Rhodamine B and methyl orange wastewater. 1
7. Much of the long-distance trade was in commodities connected with the cloth industry, notably dyestuffs such as woad and alum. 1
8. Owing to different structures of cotton fiber and chitin fiber, they have differentadsorbability to reactive dyestuffs. 1
9. Products from logwood formed an important source of dyestuffs for silk, and more important, woollen cloth. 1
10. Reactive dyestuffs, developed in the Fifties, chemically react with the cotton fibre, under the influence of alkali and heat. 1
11. Reductive treatments were effective against ligneous chromophores , but this was often not so for chemical dyestuffs. 1
12. The application of dyestuffs in information recording and storage industry is reviewed, such as digital ink-jet printing, photosensitive material, xerox and compact disc storage. 1
13. The company's products consist of three kinds and forty categories of dyestuffs - sulphur dyes, direct dyes, acid dyes besides intermediates - Sulphanilic acid and Sulphanilic acid sodium salt. 1
14. The corrosive and high-strength hydrogen peroxide can combust the organics, as well as selectively oxidate the dyestuffs. 1
15. The dyeing characteristics of Leather Black LR-V are studied and the penetration property of different dyestuffs are investigated by leather chromatoplate. 1
16. The dyeing properties of natural dyestuffs extracted from green tea, purple perilla, wild cabbage are studied. 1
17. The factors affecting the analysis are the selection of dyestuffs . coloration time, moisture content after colorate and interference light. 1
18. The institute has on display ancient wooden looms , dying apparatus, as well as ceiba, jute, bark fibres, and mineral dyestuffs. 1
19. The natural dyestuffs have the advantage of being readily found in the natural environment. 1
20. The process for dyeing chamois leather with reactive dyestuffs has been studied. The optimized conditions for high absorption and fixation of dyestuffs have been obtained. 2
21. The smaller the water-solubility of the dyestuffs is, the more obvious result the ones that added dispersants and dyed are. 1

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