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# Sentence Times
1. "Triple play" is to share network resources, avoid low-level duplicated construction, the formation of wide adaptability, easy maintenance, low cost, high-speed broadband multimedia based platform. 1
2. A computer program that attempts to have a robot duplicate your efforts would get very complex. 1
3. A duplicate copy of the invoice will be retained by the builder's surveyor for record purposes. 1
4. A duplicate copy should be made for the county record office. 1
5. A duplicate set of fire control plans should be permanently stored in a prominently marked weathertight enclosure outside the deckhouse . 1
6. A lot of stories about me see on the net, say me often the boss buy or sell on credit to adjoining duplicate inn, even still the hearsay says I go computer of buy in and sell at a profit. 1
7. A map cannot contain duplicate keys; each key can map to at most one value. 1
8. A number of them are duplicated in Windows 3.1 and these are more up to date versions. 1
9. A special memory subsystem in which frequently used data values are duplicated for quick access. 1
10. A strip chart recorder duplicates the reading of the computer and forms a permanent record. 1
11. A. 5 One duplicate copy of the cable or telex advice of shipment as stipulated in Clause 17 of the Terms of Delivery. 1
12. A. 5 One duplicate copy of the telex advice of shipment as stipulated in Clause 15 of the Terms of Delivery. 1
13. After a long time of retrieval practice, CALIS union catalog database generally has 21 kinds of duplicate data types. 1
14. After downloading and opening Awesome duplicate Photo Finder, click the plus sign on the tool bar to choose the folder you would like to search for duplicate photos, then click Start. 2
15. Aim: To clone the cross-intron genomic DNAs of the duplicated carbonic anhydrase (DCA1 genes from Dunaliella salina. 1
16. All 1300 plus loops are duplicated into Apple Loops and REX files as well for maximum flexibility with nearly any music sampler, DAW, or loop software. 1
17. American geneticist Calvin Bridges discovered copy number variation in 1936, when he noticed that flies that inherit a duplicate copy of a gene called Bar develop very small eyes. 1
18. An example of a custom control is a clock control that duplicates the appearance and behavior of an analog clock. 1
19. An off-the-shelf mobile router and PC card could essentially duplicate the networking setup of UConnect Web and at a cost far less than the $495 plus installation fees that Chrysler will charge. 1
20. Analyses of the age distribution of duplicate genes in diverse flowering plants indicate that essentially all may be paleopolyploids, but this should not be equated with the polyploid speciation rate. 1
21. And the kind that carries clone website, network nobbler can duplicate everyday a few shop identically to about a hundred very website. 1
22. And this kind can go on harmlessly to duplicates and conveys. 1
23. As the stylus is moved over a pattern, the router duplicates the original. 1
24. At day are complex tone duplicate, the day slowly fade out is also more colorful, the thin but flexible, but weak dressed. 1
25. At least one Synonym matches the Keyword entry. Please remove duplicates. 1
26. At this meeting, nominations will be received and ballot papers will be duplicated on the spot. 1
27. Be true to who you are. Stop trying to please other people or be someone else. Itrs better to be an original version of yourself than an exact duplicate of someone else. 1
28. Book this agreement in duplicate, one armed both A and B, has the same legal effect. 1
29. Both the duplicated bond and the hydroxide ion in castor oil took part in sulphate reaction and a hydrolysis also took place in the castor acid. 1
30. Breathing hard from the sprint. Shoot again Repeat twice for duplicates. 1




duplicates (plural noun)

  - exactly like something else, especially through having been copied.


duplicates (third person present) · duplicated (past tense) · duplicated (past participle) · duplicating (present participle)

  - one of two or more identical things.

  - short for duplicate bridge.


  - make or be an exact copy of.


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