Duplex Definition

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1. A base station radio frequency device provided by the embodiment of the invention comprises a shell, an intermediate radio frequency processing unit and a duplexer. 1
2. A duplex apartment, a pair of Needing. 1
3. A full - duplex, synchronous communications protocol used in airline reservations systems. 1
4. A luminaire may be provided with a maximum of one duplex or two single convenience receptacles . 1
5. A processor duplexing method is applied to a 3G mobile communication system switching operation without involving application software. 1
6. A shielded twist pair cable can be connected in parallel with keyboards up to up to 32, each of which can have two—way semi duplex communication respectively with the relevant equipment. 1
7. A signaling data link is a full - duplex - directional, digital transmission channel used for signaling. 1
8. A signaling data link is a full duplex bi - directional , digital transmission channel used for signaling. 1
9. A special liquid, hermetically vacuum - sealed, is employed in a unique duplex design. 1
10. Accommodation comprises 110 twin bedded bungalows and 15 duplex Suites each with its own shady terrace and small walled garden. 1
11. Aim To evaluate a duplex PCR (DPCR. 1
12. Any member failure or CF failure (in case of duplexed CF) does not impact the database availability. 1
13. Applied JT5-2 model saw tooth wave duplex jig to replace JT3-1 model single-chamber jig and spiral chutes which handle sand return from the double-spiral classifier, and achieved good index. 1
14. As I stood at the lower landing of this duplex. 1
15. Asynchronization mechanism in duplex potentiometer and simple, active count measures to improve its synchronism are described. 1
16. Based on the quantitative analysis to V-protection structure, this paper makes comparison between V-protection structure and full duplex system. 1
17. Because of the number of peaks, the structured form must contain a twofold symmetry if duplex, or fourfold if tetraplex. 1
18. Between the center and the devices, the duplex communication links are created through the public switched telephone network, thus the remote management for the devices is realized. 1
19. By default, the FE electric interface operates in full duplex mode. 1
20. Chand Double Air hardcover duplex home for sale! 1
21. Colour duplex ultrasonography showed DVT extending from the left external iliac vein to the foretibial vein. 1
22. Complete removal of rust and mill scale by acid pickling, duplex pickling or electrolytic pickling. 1
23. Conclusion: The duplex sonography of lower extremity arteriosclerosis obliterans by ultrasound diagnosis of high sensitivity and accuracy. 1
24. Conclusion:Strengthening the responsibility system nursing, and using the duplex system to run CAPD, can decrease the incidence rate of peritonitis greatly. 1
25. Creates a duplex channel between a service and a callback instance on the client. 1
26. Creates a duplex channel between a service and a callback instance on the client. (Overrides ChannelFactory(TChannel. 1
27. Data transmission unit adopts half duplex Manchester encode decode mode, which is compatible with Atlas 3508 telemetry cartridge. 1
28. Design: In 122 consecutive patients with chronic HCV infection, the HVF pattern and presence of FHA within the liver hilus were assessed by Duplex-Doppler and B-mode sonography. 0
29. Diagnostic studies included scrotal scan, Doppler stethoscope or color duplex ultrasonogram. 1
30. DTR standard defines requirements for newndstations and concentrators , and It'specifies a protocol for full - duplex operation. 1






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