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# Sentence Times
1. "We didn't want it dumped unconscious on a snowfield where it would freeze to death, " says Dave Lawson, the Society's country director. 1
2. A dumping margin represents by how much the fair-value price exceeds the dumped price. 1
3. A dumping margin represents the percentage by which the fair-value price exceeds the dumped price. 1
4. A further 42 percent is spread on farmland and 23 percent is dumped in landfills or piped out to sea. 1
5. A kitchen worker appeared, dumped two black garbage sacks, then disappeared. 1
6. A long list of Silicon Valley companies were unceremoniously dumped from the Net for several hours Friday. 1
7. A million tonnes of untreated sewage is dumped into the sea. 1
8. A rotary mechanism for multi-angle skip bucket of dump truck is designed. Goods is lifted and dumped by hydraulic system in the dump track. 1
9. According to Greenpeace, 1,100 tons of munitions were dumped at the site in 1991 and 8,400 tons thus far this year. 1
10. After he became rich and famous he dumped all his old friends. 1
11. All the data is then dumped into the main computer. 1
12. All the guys dissed me for getting dumped by an oldster. 1
13. An enormous quantity of chemical waste has been dumped in the river. 1
14. An unnamed man had been killed and his body dumped in a pond in a park. 1
15. And his foreman makes sure the containers are loaded on to the trucks and dumped over the border. 1
16. And in London, they dumped barrels of industrial effluent at the Environment Department. 1
17. And that is dwarfed by the willful spill of oil by Iraq's Saddam Hussein, who dumped roughly one billion gallons of oil during the 1991 Gulf War, at least a quarter of it into the Arabian Gulf. 1
18. And then the universe dumped a cold bucket of reality on me with the horrifying thought of my kids living alone with my still-alcoholic-ex-husband. 1
19. Another says he has been unable to open his garage door for days after a skip filled with bricks was dumped outside. 1
20. Another startling discovery by our team was that the replaced semi-precious white marble was being dumped outside the Taj Mahal. 1
21. Apple had its best quarter ever — selling a record 2.3 million Macs — yet Wall Street dumped the stock in after hours trading. 1
22. Article 46. If an importer of dumped imports can provide evidence to prove that the anti-dumping duty already paid is higher than the margin of dumping, he can apply to MOFCOM for duty refund. 1
23. At first she dumped the garden waste, but she soon realized this would make excellent garden compost. 1
24. At present, anything excepting specifically blacklisted substances can be dumped at sea. 1
25. Because of the relatively low cost of such boards, the faulty one would just be dumped. 1
26. Before being dumped she had been beaten, stripped and then had petrol poured over her body and was set on fire. 1
27. Being dumped by Honda left the Northamptonshire-based squad celebrating a meagre Christmas, so even finding the finances to make it to round one was an achievement. 1
28. Bob Hope is seeing red over a building that's been dumped on a vacant lot he owns. 1
29. Bob Hope is seeingover a building that's been dumped on a vacant lot he owns. 1
30. But he had the last laugh - the Blades dumped Manchester United 2-1 on the opening day! 1

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