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# Sentence Times
1. ' What a dump ,' she added as they entered the village. 1
2. " Depressurize Seraph launch bay fourteen, " Voro shouted. " dump plasma from auxiliary coils into lateral lines. " 1
3. "Take a subway, and get off at a random stop, and eat at some dump that's the first place you see, " suggests Fisher. 1
4. "The Gorai dumpsite will soon be the first landfill in India, as far as we know, to begin flaring landfill gas, when this begins at the end of April," Goldstein said. 1
5. "The latter can only have been scooped up from the sea-bed by one mechanism - a powerful tsunami, dumping all these materials together in a destructive swoop, " says Professor Bruins. 1
6. "This place is a dump," affirmed Miss T. 1
7. "We didn't want it dumped unconscious on a snowfield where it would freeze to death, " says Dave Lawson, the Society's country director. 1
8. "What a dump!" Christabel said, standing in the doorway of the youth hostel. 0
9. "What she's actually doing is dumping her lifetime accumulation of that fat-soluble stuff into her baby, " he said, and each generation passes on more to the next. 1
10. "Where the tent city is now is literally a toxic waste dump, it's unsafe, but these people are very resourceful, " Burke said. 1
11. 9 a.m. - Breakfast calls for some of Shanghai's best dumplings at hole-in-the-wall Jia Jia Tang Bao, located near bustling People's Square. 1
12. A ball-shaped dumpling with a whorl - like pattern on the top, stuffed with a variety of fillings, including pork and vegetables, steamed by small bamboo food steamer. 1
13. a ban on the dumping of radioactive waste at sea. 1
14. A dump produced immediately after an abnormal termination of a run. 1
15. A dump truck full of dirt will go with the cement truck. 1
16. A dumping incident in 1980 goaded the government into action on the EEC wastes directives. 1
17. A dumping margin represents by how much the fair-value price exceeds the dumped price. 1
18. A dumping margin represents the percentage by which the fair-value price exceeds the dumped price. 1
19. A dumpy Japanese is asking for you. 1
20. A family of five that ate the dumplings was still in hospital, including a five-year-old girl who had at one point been in critical condition, a Health Ministry official said. 1
21. A further 42 percent is spread on farmland and 23 percent is dumped in landfills or piped out to sea. 1
22. A garbage truck dumps its load at a U.S. landfill. 1
23. A great tureen of boiled chicken and dumplings opened the proceedings, along with mashed potato and corn on the cob. It all ended eventually with both pie and cake. 1
24. A kitchen worker appeared, dumped two black garbage sacks, then disappeared. 1
25. A leading Chinese producer for quick-frozen snacks Thursday apologized for the production and sale of bacteria-contaminated dumplings and said that a recall was underway. 1
26. A long list of Silicon Valley companies were unceremoniously dumped from the Net for several hours Friday. 1
27. A long-sighted contrarian might now dump equities for buildings. 1
28. A loss would give momentum to the idea of dumping him at the party convention in July. 1
29. A memory violation can spur SIGSEGV, killing the process instantly while leaving a core dump behind. 1
30. A million tonnes of untreated sewage is dumped into the sea. 1

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