Drub Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. After taking a drubbing in the 1987 stock market crash, Schwab looked to the booming mutual fund industry to revive earnings. 1
2. After taking a drubbing last year, emerging markets fared particularly well. 1
3. Analysts attributed Mr. Chen's drubbing to a mix of foreign policy and domestic factors. 1
4. Analysts attributed Mr. Chen's drubbing to mix of foreign policy and domestic factors. 1
5. And, indeed, it could have been an even bigger drubbing. 1
6. Enough people voted for the Labour Party to give the Conservatives a drubbing. 1
7. French grammar was drubbed into our heads. 1
8. Gramm's drubbing by Davis in the California primary has badly hurt his campaign. 1
9. Hartlepool, unbeaten since the drubbing six weeks earlier, easily gained their revenge, a 2-1 win in the Cup. 1
10. He drubbed his opponent in the table tennis match. 1
11. He got a good drubbing. 1
12. He picked up the Sky Man of the Match award in the FA Cup game against Middlesbrough and scored his first goal for the club in a 6-2 drubbing of Leicester City at Filbert Street on the 16th January. 1
13. He will first need to be forgiven resounding election drubbing in 2005. 1
14. However, I will video Manc of the Day so we can see the 8-0 drubbing all over again. 1
15. I gave him a good drubbing. 1
16. I shall be surprised if they do not take another drubbing in Africa. 1
17. Ireland gave England a drubbing at Twickenham. 1
18. It was there that Solo's smuggler friend drub McKumb warned him about the sizable bounty on his head, and the pursuing hunters on Ord Mantell. 1
19. Nottingham Forest got/received/took a severe drubbing at the hands of Manchester United. 1
20. Roma's first friendly of the summer was a humiliating 4 - 0 drubbing at the hands of Dortmund. 1
21. She was still drubbing me with the cushion. 1
22. So why did it end with dwindling audiences and a critical drubbing? 1
23. Social conservatives took a drubbing in the 2006 mid - term elections. 1
24. The black cat kept drubbing on the ground with its white paws. 1
25. The blood drubbed in her veins. 1
26. The Dodgers held first place after a 10-4 drubbing of the Cincinnati Reds. 1
27. The Lions took a drubbing from the Eagles last night, losing 58-37. 1
28. The new leader will have his work cut out to avoid a drubbing at the polls. 1
29. The play was drubbed by most critics. 1
30. The teacher drubbed those silly notions out of the student's head. 1

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