Downhill Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. A Burundian cyclist pedals downhill on May 11. 1
2. A downhill skiing race in which participants must pass between pairs of gates set along a course that is larger and often steeper than a slalom course. 1
3. A feature in all-wheel driver vehicles, HDC assists drivers when negotiating a steep downhill route. 1
4. A nerveless downhill rider can take two minutes out of a cautious descender in just 20 kilometres. 1
5. A run phase in which prices break support from the lead-in trend line and plunge lower in a downhill run. 1
6. A simulation testbed for the engine brake when the vehicle coasts on lasting downhill was built, and the engine brake torque curve was obtained by the test on the testbed . 1
7. AB: I was 24 years old and at the top of my game when a freak summersault while downhill skiing paralyzed me. 1
8. After he lost his job, things went downhill. 1
9. After his wife died, his health started to go downhill. 1
10. After reaching the top, the boats start moving into the downhill chute. 1
11. AFTER RIDING up to the highest point of our right flank, Prince Bagration began to go downhill, where a continuous roll of musketry was heard and nothing could be seen for the smoke. 1
12. After September 1914, however, it was downhill all the way. 1
13. After that, things started to go downhill. 1
14. After we get to the top it'll be downhill all the way to Kendal. 1
15. Alpine skiing consists of downhill , slalom and giant slalom. 1
16. Alpine skiing consists of the downhill , super G, giant slalom, slalom and combined. 1
17. And one more thing, choose more or less flat surfaces because uphill and downhill running will be a little bit too much for you in the beginning. 1
18. And Quincy could show him how to snowboard and I could show him how to fly downhill and do bumps. 1
19. At the three stone cairns turn sharp right and head downhill to the edge of the forest. 1
20. Because they were walking downhill her limp was making her awkward and she linked arms with him to keep her balance. 1
21. Bessie was on the downhill path. 1
22. Bev coasted downhill on her bicycle. 1
23. Both gravity and centrifugal force will pull you downhill. 1
24. Bullens Creek had started off tiny and tedious and gone downhill from there. 1
25. But it's all downhill from here ... The slippery slope 1. 1
26. But somewhere along the line, downhill skiing was too much of a chore and an expense. 1
27. But the Lions had their chances and went steadily downhill from this first-Test defeat to a 4-0 whitewash. 1
28. But the whole area's gone terribly downhill. 1
29. But then these efforts began to go downhill. 1
30. But things went downhill as the days went by-and the drudgery in much of the work took its toll. 1




downhills (plural noun)

  - toward the bottom of a slope.


  - leading down toward the bottom of a slope.


  - a downward slope.


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